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Throughout my life since I was about 15, I always had gifts; my great grandmother and Nan also my own mother all had these psychic gifts too so it has been a way of life for me, but now a mother myself with my own 2 sons I have gone into helping people full time with my psychic gifts and visions & I hope I can help you too.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love helping people in general and especially if I can help with important answers and choices that they might be facing in their life. Sometimes it’s just a friendly chat and other times a life changing choice but I love to give piece of mind and it’s great especially when they come back and tell me I helped.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being a Virgo I love to be of service and get a lot out of helping people I love being at home in my own space with my dogs and giving readings, so I’m a typical hermit

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I can always remember seeing and hearing things that others couldn’t, and my my Nan uses to say to people it was my imaginary friends

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

It’s so hard to say anyone person in particular as I feel everyone has their own fears and concerns or doubts or wishes and I’m sure they all get something, but I guess a lady recently that was going to give up her complete career over someone picking on her at her job. I assured her the lady had insecurities of not being good enough herself, so she stayed and eventually the bully broke down crying admitting she felt threatened by my client.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I’m a good listener compassionate and careful with my words I genuinely care for people, and I do have a good memory and always remember people and their story.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

To remember it’s not a life bible and we do get the wrong messages sometimes so not to make hasty life choices after having a reading but just take it on board and maybe let it help you look at life from a different angle


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What our customers say about Max

What a lovely lady & great energy. Picked up well with my career situation and also predicted another life situation, that I had on put a side. Look forward to next year, Aisha, xx

- Aisha

9th December 2023

I love this lady best reader for love and relationships just spot on everything she predicted happened even timings Thankyou so much Max Spoke to you lots and will be back

- Charlie

9th November 2023

Very accurate in everything she picked up. Good reading. Thanks Max 😊

- Allison

8th November 2023

I’ve had a few readings with this lady and boy is she accurate, lovely to talk with and give clear guidance I rang Max in December all stewed I about a neighbour situation she told me what to do and told me they would move in Jan/feb and you know what they moved two weeks ago I asked her about a relationship and she told me Jan and I met him in jan I’ve now rang around a work situation as I had a second stage she predicted I would get to final stage and offered the job while I was on the phone to max my mobile was ringing it was on the company I had interviewed with offering me the final stage !! Your amazing and very special Max Thankyou for your continued support and guidance

- Beverley

9th March 2023

first reading with Max, I asked for a general reading and straight away she picked up on what was truely on my mind, with spot on precision. I loved my reading, and can't wait for it to unfold. This lady is warm, straight talking and very gifted. I will Definately be back for the next chapter, thank you. 27/1/23

- Anon

27th January 2023

I feel I need to ring this lady everyday she’s always on point with my life and predictions are quick great reader down to earth & honest

- Sam

25th January 2023

Thankyou Max for your heartfelt reading everything came true and I’m already into my next chapter in life I took your advice and so happy I did x Love Jenny

- Jenny

29th November 2022

I love this reader she is the most honest an direct person no waffling straight to the point with timings she’s spot Thankyou xx David

- David

18th November 2022

Hey just wanted to say I only ever get readings from max when she’s on I get notified she’s the best by far Always real and straight to the point

- Jason

9th October 2022

Wow wow wow! Max is brilliant. She picked up on something that I didn’t tell her about as soon as the call began. There is something very special about her energy and her voice. She provided me with so much higher stuff and soul level info, I was just blown away at her level of connection. She’s really gentle and listens well. She connected me to my brother who is in spirit and it was a special moment. Thank you so much Max you are really special xx S.J

- Anon

7th August 2022

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