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Hi, Anthony here. My Psychic journey began after I gained my first degree in Psychology and Counselling studies. I had been living with a group of students who liked to go on ghost hunts all over the UK, and I went along and became more interested in the Paranormal and all things related. Studying Psychology I began to look into the research with dreams, out of body experiences, Extra Sensory Perception tests with telepathy and intuition also. I began to read a lot of material on the psyche and how the subconscious works in relation to synchronistic events in relation to certain tarot cards and psychic readings.

I have been much influenced by the works of many great thinkers and philosophers in our time from Freud to Carl Jung, which has helped shape my thinking.


I was 21 when I started giving readings to friends and family. I have been working in the Psychic Tarot Reading business professionally for over 15 years now. For many years I have gave professional and insightful readings to clients all over the North East of the United Kingdom. 121 Readings, Email Readings, Party Bookings, and Corporate Events. Today I am still much engaged in this in my local area.  

In the past I have ran my own Face Book groups were I have helped people to develop there intuition and psychic powers through Tarot Readings, and other forms of Clairvoyance. In the present I continue to work on the Psychic telephone lines with many years experience, and I have regular clients who seek my insight and wisdom from Canada, and as far away as  Australia and New Zealand. 




What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I really like helping clients find solutions to the problems in their lives with clarity and insight. The Tarot helps to give meaning and brings this perception through its symbols and imagery, which reflects people, attitudes, behaviors, and situations to my clients. I have also enjoyed traveling to meet clients, however, now I prefer to give 121 readings via telephone. You never know who will call, and giving Tarot Reading to clients is like unfolding a story, and with the help of my Tarot cards, experience of Psychology, and human behavior, we get to find the solutions very quickly. 

At times, Spirit has come through in readings, to give messages to clients and loved ones.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

In some ways as a Capricorn I do have strong ambitions, as I also have my Moon in Capricorn, this makes me a very determined individual. This is reflected in my achievements through my education. I have my Sun, Moon, and Jupiter in Capricorn. Mercury, Mars, Venus, and Neptune in Sagittarius which does reflect my interest in long distance running and sports in general. I always like to learn and grow as a human being. A typical Sagittarius trait. In fact I consider myself to be more of the extroverted, expansive, sporty Sagittarius than the more down to earth Capricorn, but, I do have the famous Capricorn ambition and discipline from my Moon sign. I do have spiritual side to myself which is the Sagittarius aspect. 


When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I was about 14 when I first started having precognitive dreams, dreams that have some kind of element of the future in them. I began to record my dreams which led to me to study Psychology at University and this was a time I absorbed and read lots of material about paranormal, divination, clairvoyance and all things related.

Meditation has been a big part of my emotional, spiritual, and physical development this has helped to develop my intuition to gain more insight to clients dreams and issues when I give readings.

The one experience I did from curiosity in my younger days was the Ouija Board. I did this alone at home, my parents had took a weekend vacation. There was know direct questioning. I guess I have always had a searching and enquiring mind for such things.

Later that night I was pulled out of bed by a pair of colds hands !!!!!!! Not quite the experience in the 'Paranormal Activity' films of being dragged down ones stairs. But I wanted proof that the physical body exists in another form after death, I think I got my answer !!!!!!!  

What is your most memorable experience with a client?


121 readings and Party bookings. There has been so many. I think the memorable experiences with clients is  when they contact me back to verify something I have told them from a previous readings. That could be about timing which I do use my own system which I get a lot of testimonials for.

When the client in a reading consciously gains insight into an issue were there is a big choice to be made. When there is verification in a reading from a client that they can relate to what I have been saying about a love or relationship issue.

These are the moments that are memorable, and justify the reasons why I just love bringing insight, guidance, and happiness into clients lives were there is only darkness, confusion, and the inability to think in a rational way to move forward. 


What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I have a Masters Degree in Psychology, and currently I am studying a Foundation Degree in Counselling studies. I apply my counselling skills to listen to my clients with empathy and understanding. In addition, with my understanding of human emotions and relationships, I can see and perceive were problems exist and find practical solutions to issues with the help of my tarot cards in a reading.

I also have a Diploma in Astrology, which also helps to me gain a better understanding of complex issues especially with questions about Love and Romance, and I have devised my own in-depth Astrological General Reading which is very popular with my clients, and also my own Love and Dream readings, too. 


 What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

One of the most important aspects is to keep an open mind. The Tarot cards do not predict the future they act as a guide to help a person through there own free-will to make important choices in there lives. Tarot and other readings give us something far more valuable than a prediction, they give us understanding without which we find ourselves stuck in a rut, understanding allows the person to form their own future. 

We all have free will to make our own decisions and choices which will affect our future, and the cards will not dictate, they guide and assist and give new perspectives, a successful reading is one where the client has confidence, insight, and understanding from who the reading has unfolded. 

The Tarot cards are also a wonderful source of advice and guidance. They can tell you not only where you are and where you are going, but also which route to take to get to your destination and when to start walking to get there on time. The guidance of the Tarot is so valuable because it comes from within, from the Inner Voice, and that is the best guidance possible. 

Sometimes the Tarot cards do not seem to answer the questions asked of them. This can be for one of two reasons. First, you may not have phrased your question well, and the reader misunderstood. If the reader misunderstands, the reading may still be accurate, but the reader's interpretation of it will not be. If the question was well phrased, the second possibility is that the question you have asked was not the one you wanted answered. The Tarot gives you the answer that you need to know at this time in your life. 

They do not always tell you what you want to know, but they do always tell what you need to know. They do not always answer the question that you ask, but they will always answer the question that needs answering the most.




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What our customers say about Anthony

I have had several readings so far. His previous predictions were spot on. He gave me so many validations and also confirmed a few things my own intuition picked up on. Great positivity,lots of clarity and straight talking. I wasn’t disappointed! Top reader!

- rhonda

10th July 2024

Hi Anthony I just wanted to thank you for reading for me last night.You helped alot!

- Louise

10th July 2024

Profound and very quick, Anthony gets accurate information instantly. With his Astrological reading, he always connects and gives future validations: property move date spot on, 2 of Cups engagement, Amazon book sales, and connections reunion with family and inheritance coming from New Zealand. His psychological understanding of my situation is deep and profound; he is a true genius of intelligence; all of his predictions are accurate and spot outcomes. 

- susan

8th April 2024

What an amazing reading! I’m blown away! Absolutely accurate about my current situation. One thing I really appreciated is that Anthony tells you the cards he sees and actually tells you what each of them mean. I’ve had a reading done before but nothing compares to this one. Anthony provided me with some predictions, with how accurate this reading was I have do doubt this will come to pass. Thank you

- S

6th October 2023

Thank you for a great reading Anthony. Nice relaxed energy. Talented and provided me amazing insight on my spiritual journey. Very knowledgeable. Pleasure to speak with. Speak soon hunny xx

- Louise

29th September 2023

In-depth general Astrological reading. You were correct Anthony about my housing situation I got the property I bid for, what you said about a new job manifested like you said Anthony, in fact two opportunites at the same time, ha ha !!! you told me to watch for the 2 of Swords. Anthony unravels the emotional complexities of any kind of relationship more than any other reader. Helpful advice to help me move forward positively with my life. Excellent reader and incredibly accurate, even down to timings. Insightful reading from a true professional.

- sharon

26th September 2023

one of the best readings I've ever had clear concise and accurate. will contact you for more readings. The huge amount of insight from him in a short reading was astronomical. He is stoic, straightforward and his predictions are always spot on and his insights are profound. But most importantly he is always consistent, reading made sense with no false hope. Always a pleasure to connect and talk wioth you Anthony.

- kerry

21st August 2023

Anthony predictions you made in June have been validated and come to pass. The council offered me the flat i bid for. What you said about visualization and affirmations has got me the job I have applied for. Your astrology predictions about an ex coming back in touch has been positive and were making progress. Thank you for explaining me about cybernetics and the subconscious mind to also change my paradigm, which in turn has also seen a breakthrough with a call from a publisher interested in my book. Your ability to look behind the situation and analyse it is truly extraordinary, and your understanding of psychology and the dynamics of relationships is quite astounding. Blessing to you and your great work !!!!!!

- jeane

4th August 2023

Anthony is brilliant, he gets right to the heart of any issue you ask about particularly around relationships. I would like to thank Anthony again for his spot-on advice and accuracy and guidance time after time. Everything you saw has come to fruition. You are immensely talented, compassionate, and your readings are readings threaded with wit.

- stacy

29th June 2023

Anthony gave me an in depth reading regarding my current situation and what had been inhibiting things from progressing in the past. He had a lovely, calm manner which put me at ease & I came away feeling much more positive. Would definitely return at a later date. Thank you Anthony xx

- Anon

15th June 2023

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