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Hello my name is Hazel and I have reading been reading tarot professionally since I was 19 years old. I primarily work with tarot as well as the pendulum too if desired, as they work well together to give a full comprehensive picture. I use different packs which enables my readings to go very deep exploring issues beyond current mundane priorities into life path readings if required. I also am an astrologer and can share star wisdom and I use angel cards and work particularly with Archangels Micheal, Raphael and Metatron and the Divine Mother Goddess. My own psychic impressions speak through to me during readings as clairvoyant images and clairsentient impressions. I can also send healing if required as I am a Reiki Master, a Vortex Healer and Pranic Healer.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love the beautiful connection it gives me with the person I'm reading for when the messages in the cards come alive and I speak spontaneously from the heart their meanings to the client and I feel them receiving their answers. I love giving readings. It feels a beautiful thing to do, which it is and I feel honoured when I am called to channel the cards for someone.      

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Capricorn Sun with a grand trine. I have lots of earth element in my chart which I think makes me practical, creative and hopefully grounded most of the time!! Except of course, when I am in my Gemini Moon moments of a night time, usually and I'm buzzing with thoughts, ideas and imaginations inspired from my Mercury Venus conjuction sextiling neptune.  I don't think I really know what typical is. I think of Capricorn as the farmer because ruling Saturn is concerned with practicalities while Taurus with ruling Venus tends to flower gardens and beautiful places in nature and then the third of the earth signs, Virgo is the landscape architect. :-  It's good fun learning about one's own chart. I recommend it.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I'm a trained energy healer as well as a qualified hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and life coach.  I believe my Life Coaching skills can add to my service of being a tarot consultant because it means that if the client wishes for more and beyond any clarification of their problem/s, I can assist them in their elicitation of their language and questions, to consider their higher goals and the best ways to achieve these goals, along with the help of a friendly tarot pack and all the spirits and guides who want to join us.  My pranic healing training has taught me to scan auras and perform healing which can also be done at a distance.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

For me the right time for my conscious self  to awaken to Spirit was in my mid to late teens. I particularly remember one occasion, I would have been eighteen, as I stood in the kitchen at the sink washing potatoes.   It was a dark, cold, wet November evening, our old Siamese cat Gremeline was very ill. I was worried about him. His life force was so weak, I could feel he was departing us. Suddenly, my attention was called behind me. I turned around to 'see' the Goddess and the figure of Death beside her. I had been receiving guidance from the Mother Goddess for a while and my love and trust in her was absolute.  With the Mother, I knew I was safe.  However the Spirit of Death I had not met before and I was afraid.  I went through a few moments or maybe minutes of engaging in an internal dialogue with conflicting aspects of myself, the part of me that loved and trusted the Goddess versus all my conditioning to fear Death.  My love and trust in the Goddess won and in that moment I decided to trust Death too, knowing that the Goddess would always keep me safe. Death did appear as a dark, hooded Grim Reaper figure to me with a hidden face. He said that Gremaline would die that night. I felt a pang of pain and sadness at my own personal impending loss of our loving moggie.  I asked Death to take care of Gremeline.  He nodded then He  and the Goddess were gone and I was left with a sense of deep peace and inner trust.  Gremeline did die that night, on that cold wet November evening as the wind howled outside and I knew he was safe and on his way to the Summerland.  Since then I have always  known Death to be a loving friend who takes care of us when our time comes.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

It was many years ago over a phone reading with a client who had concerns around her business.  This lady's attitude to receiving the reading was totally open and direct in terms of her own clarity of what she needed to know.  Also there was not an iota of doubt in her as to the veritably of the reading from the very outset.  Her own exactitude in knowing what she wanted from me as the reader as well as her own total trust in the process of the reading, meant that I was able to give back the best of the cards and myself in clarifying her issues.  Consequently this was an exceptionally productive reading.  I think the Capricorn Sun part of me that is emphatic with the concept of attaining goals and ambitious outcomes as well as the life coach in me, felt very professionally satisfied at how the client's openness enabled me to give the very best of myself and therefore maximized the standard of excellence of the reading.  Because the client was totally open to receive, I was able to totally give. It made for an exceptionally productive reading.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Trust your intuition to choose the right reader for you.  Go with what feels right. Then during the reading, be open energetically so that the connection can happen most quickly and easily between yourself, the reader and the spirit guides to flow through most abundantly. Trust the cards.  They are a gift to aid us in clarification as to the choices to make in the adventure that is our journey. Trust you are doing the right thing in the moment and let go and let the answers speak to you.

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What our customers say about Hazel

What an empowering reading. Detailed & careful & insightful.

- Kate

3rd October 2021

Just had an amazing reading with Hazel. She is spot on. Brilliant with the pendulum. Very empathic too. I shall be back. Thank you Hazel Michelle x

- Michelle

23rd January 2020

The strongest connection I’ve had on this site- so spot on so accurate and life affirming. A true gift I am so grateful for our reading Hazel. ? I highly recommend!!!!

- Sophie

8th November 2019


- mor

19th January 2019

Lovely kind gentle lady, great reading, talks a lot of sense. Recommend

- Claire

23rd September 2018

Not sleeping one night I had occasion to call Hazel at silly o clock! She reassured me about work which was concerning me and I am confident that change will occur as described. Hazel’s gentle but emphatic approach is comforting.

- Sue

6th June 2018

Hi hazel, I just want to thank you for your reading last night. You were absolutely spot on with all the little details from the offset without any prompt, and have put my wandering mind at rest, although I'm still raw and upset You have steered me in the right direction. Ill use you regularly you were amazing, I'm also recommending you to a friend. Thank you Georgia xx

- Georgia

19th March 2018

Hazel picked up every detail of my life - unprompted her general reading was spot on and then she quickly worked through all my questions - even tho the general has answered everything already I just wanted to be doubly sure for myself - I would choose hazel over other readers

- L

8th November 2017

oh wow Hazel you are the most amazing reading so insightful and so accurate and why on earth more people are not calling you I have no idea x thanks so much 5 *****

- bd999

27th September 2017

A great connection. This was one of the best readings I have had. Hazel is a gentle and wonderful soul and I am happy to have experienced such an accurate and helpful reading. Thank you

- Elaine

16th August 2017

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