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WELCOME - REVIEWING YOUR ENERGY IS THE BEGINNING OF BLESSINGS FOR THE BOLD! Ready to manifest yours? My name is Libra. A lightworker, true psychic, shadow worker, white witch, clairvoyant, transformational coach..etc We all need to find ways to transform our pain into power, our confusion into mindfulness, our pessimism into purpose and peace and sometimes we just need confirmation we are on the right path. Whether your need is advice, counsel, a mentorship, peace, clarity, a safe space for your healing or just a heart that may understand without judgment or bias, I hope to be working with you soon, conquering your fears and helping you achieve your goals. I am very honest in all my readings. My main priorities are to help you get past fear, stigma and any conditioning that may prevent you from living your best, most confident life. I combine divination, with intuitive healing and action based approaches to help you be more thorough in the decisions you have to make.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

My main passion for reading is healing. I enjoy being a support for others on their journey looking for guidance. I also enjoy playing a part in people's growth and evolution by sharing the messages from the spiritual realm, their Angels and Guides to help them move forward in life and overcome the challenges they may be faced with.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I’m a typical Libra. I possess a cool, calm and a swift humor that makes me a fantastic company to be around – there is never a dull moment, well at least that’s what people say. I’m also very understanding and healing of the group. Like a typical Libra I love the balance of love in all aspects of life. Not in the way of somersaulting on a beam or walking a tightrope, but in keeping everything in their realm on a fair, harmonious and even keel. I cannot stand chaos so always keen to organize my surroundings and this gives me the DNA and natural passion and desire to help people. People say I am idealistic perfectionists and invest most of my energy in keeping my environment and other lives lovely, tidy and orderly. An astrological Marie Kondo! Or other times known as an Earth Angel.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I can remember at the tender age of 5, everyone treated me differently. My mum said when I was a baby a man walked up to us and said that child is special and will do wonders in this world. The “special child” grew up to see this manifest in her life. When the mean friends/ bullies did something wrong towards to me, they will always run back and apologies profusely for what they had done. Even for things I wasn’t aware of. This goes to show I am always protected in the spirit realm without even knowing. There was something bigger yet to be discovered. Throughout my teens and adult years, I could feel, taste, see and say things before they happened. Initially didn’t understand what was going on but my Guides and Spiritual Father opened my eyes to see these were gift. I have so many stories of being visited by Angels, Grand Mother and other ancestors whom I never met personally but each time I see an old picture of them, I could recognize them that I had met them in dreams, in the street or even visited me in my home as a stranger. They were all sending me messages and protecting me. I became more aware in my adult years when a love interest tried to cast a spell/ voodoo on me but bounced back on him. He looked at me and said “YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW POWERFUL YOU ARE”. I then started having dreams and revelations of what he had done and realized what had happened. Since then, I have evolved and become more aware of my “special gifts” and embraced it. I have been giving readings for several years and comes to me as second nature.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I had the pleasure of working with a regular that consulted in me all aspects of her life. On a particular session, at the time she was happy. She had recently reunited with a man that she was in love with for over 10 years. She felt like she knew the direction of her life. She had a small shop where she worked very hard to get. Everything seemed to be going ok. When she was faced with the choice to move in with him to build a life together and save money. She spent her last few ££ to book another session as she felt it was necessary. The cards and message I gave her told her to go another route. To not give up on her talent or strengths and go hard at it. She struggled with knowing her value and felt the relationship would give everything she had dreamt of. I told her to reach out to people and that someone will come to her with an opportunity which would steer her career in a different direction. After she hung up, she started working on a project just to see how things would unfold. She made a video as I advised on her skills. This gave her the audience she needed to sell more of her products and bring in more income. She was then invited to be a guest instructor on the subject. The following week, she was refereed for a job in this field for a lucrative business. She called to thank me because the relationship to the man ended but was so happy she took my advice to reach out to someone. She was surprised how specific details of what to do and where to go unfolded and how her life has drastically improved since speaking to me. At the time I mentioned to her I could see her relocating to Italy of which she doubted as she had no connections but now runs a booming business in Italy.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?


What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Relax and be open minded. I will bring your clarity in all aspects of your life. I will only tell you the truth and what I see without judging as I’m only here to help.

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What our customers say about Libra

Thank you...will take all advice on board. And update you on predictions Louisa

- Louisa

11th April 2020

Really sorry libra, the phone cut out! Lovely speaking to you, such a lovely happy lady. I hope my prediction. Comes true. Will call back and keep you updated. Thank you x

- Chloe

3rd April 2020

Libra told me I should expect communication in 7 days and I doubted at the time. But to my surprise prediction happened. AMAZING! The details of predictions.... OMG. Just GOBSMACKED

- Beth

30th March 2020

Hi all, Just wanted to give Libra another positive feedback as I can say that she has helped me a lot through the hardest of times in my life to making positive decision and prevent me from making quick conclusions that would in turn lead to a negative outcome. If anyone has fears, doubts, uneasy feelings, burning questions, Libra is the only one that can see it through. After years of experiences I can confidently say that Libra is the one.

- Nelly

30th March 2020

Hi there. After speaking with various psychics and mediums, I know Libra is a cut above the rest. Her validations flow from the moment you tell her your name. She knows what's in your soul and is always accurate in describing what's going on around. Predictions have been spot on to date although at the time refused to believe what she was saying to me. A truly gifted psychic, spiritual teacher and humble woman. Thanks for all your understanding, kindness and humour. JADE

- Jade

30th March 2020

Libra is extremely methodical and thorough... the depth of connection was amazing and I was very happy to connect to my grandfather. Thank you

- Nadia

29th March 2020

Your reading on 29/3/20 for me was so correct in every way. You were so helpful and non-judgemental I really felt I was talking to somebody who knew all about my situation. With the help of your reading I have managed to start getting over a problem I have been struggling with for nearly a year now, and am in a much better place for it. You are very gifted, keep doing what you are doing. No doubt I will call again one day if I need more advice! N

- Chante

29th March 2020

Thank you Libra for the very detailed reading you gave on 29/03/20. Can’t believe you managed to fit so much information into 20 mins. Can’t comment yet on the predictions, but plenty of validations to show you had connected was on the right track. Very gifted reader. Thanks again. Winniex

- Winter

29th March 2020

Had a reading with Libra today. She honed in to my love situation so accurately. Honestly told me that this situation would take a while to sort out. She's very insightful, and tells it like it is, I was very impressed . Lots of validation and accuracy, through which was a lovely surprise , even mentioned my new job !!!! Thank you Libra. I will be talking to you again, J x

- Jade

29th March 2020

I cannot believe how she can articulate exactly the same information, practically word for word, and never waver from what she sees. There is no way she could remember every little detail. I have spoken to a few psychics in my time and she really is good. Her energy is good too. What really confirmed things, was when I asked about my family and their personalities and relationship to me. She could not have been more precise. And then I thought I would get onto work, and yet again, it was as if she could read my thoughts. All I gave her was names and she read them like a book. She has made some predictions for the coming week, and the real test will see if the relationship comes to fruition. Give her a call, if you can get through. Elizabeth b

- Eizabeth

29th March 2020

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