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About JoJo

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love to build up a rapport with clients and help them to realize their choices. I love to see people get on their higher path and find the love and career fulfilment they deserve.

I believe that we all have choices and it's good to get in tune with our energies and energies around us. Trauma and negative experience can hinder us from getting on the vibration to live our best life.  I am also a people person and enjoy deep levels of communication with people. I like people and enjoy helping them. I’m an Heyoka empath and I can see right into the heart and Soul of things and people.

I also love to help people find their power and fall in love with their life

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am on the cusp of Scorpio and Libra. I can always see both sides of the situation which is where the Libra comes in. I am passionate and love life like Scorpios and hope to always be fair.  I am fiery and always give one hundred percent in any given situation. I can see other people's point of view and I am able to read people around my clients.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

My father was a gifted psychic. He was a third generation Romany and often did readings for people. I would read books on palmistry and study the lines hard and read my friends palms at school; I was always right and learned to trust more and more in this gift. As I grew, I began reading more and more, both palms and then oracle cards and tarot cards. I learned to tune into spirit and angels and Creator and his wisdom. I use this to help people to embrace and overcome their past, make the most of their present and get the best out of their future

What is your most memorable experience with a client? 

Since being on Psychic Sofa I had a lady ring me to tell me my prediction came true, despite a bumpy ride she married her twin flame. I could see the connection unfolding and had the privilege of supporting her through.  Another lady was a gifted artist, but she never told anyone of her gift. I could see that she had this gift and I told her. She was overwhelmed and felt encouraged, and this consultation gave her the courage to become a self-employed artist and she is now very successful. I believe it's a joy to read into people's life and help release blocks and help them reach their potential. I can do this professionally and personally and as I tune into energy; I can feel energies of people around you. I can explore romantic interest around the client. They never know who might secretly be admiring them

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am creative and sensitive, and I have empathy for people. I have experienced a lot of life at a young age.  I’ve recently qualified as a Certified. Angel Healer as well.  I was a carer for a terminally ill relative and this has made me very emphatic to people in painful situations. I have a degree in creative arts. Success in arts is sensitivity. Also, my father's influence as a gifted psychic made reading second nature. And my mother was a gifted Character reader as well.

I’m also a happy person inside. So, when you’re happy you want people to be happy as well. I’m a Heyoka empath and I can see the humour in things. I can clear negative energy and will guarantee to put you more into the flow with your power and your joy

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Please be open and have a reading to move you on in life and create your dreams.  A reader can tune into energies and people around you. They can also help you work out what people around you are thinking and their intentions. A reader can make you aware of your choices and also suss out what is happening in your life and where you come from and who is around you, but you are ultimately in charge your own choices and take this from a reading and improve your life. A reader will work with you

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What our customers say about JoJo

I read with you last year, it’s all making sense now! I wasn’t meant to move on. Great reader, tunes in really quickly and accurately xx

- Anon

29th August 2023

Jojo is amazing. Always so accurate and always puts me on the right path.

- Anon

23rd June 2023

An excellent reader. I've had a few readings with Jojo and she has always been able to give very detailed and accurate insights into my situation, the people involved and dynamics with very sound advice.

- Lena

13th May 2023

Well I’m blown away .. what a beautiful soul, so loving, genuine & caring! I feel a sense of peace now after speaking to you and hopeful for my future, your predictions are so clear that it feels to me it’s happened already within my very being so regardless what happens next, I’m just so grateful to have spoken to you today, because I feel touched by an Angel. Thank you so much & bless you. I highly recommend Jo Jo she’s truly amazing! Anon xxx 🙏🏾❤️

- Anon

28th January 2023

Jojo is absolutely amazing! I can't believe I'd never connected with her before. I'm soo happy I did today! Thank you for such a special reading. You picked up everything without me giving you any information. Thank you so so much, I really loved my reading and your beautiful energy ❤️

- Cristina

28th October 2022

You're such a beautiful soul, JoJo X Thank you for a fantastic reading, this morning, 09/10/22 with the 🌕♈✨🙏🏼. You have a beautiful connection and everything you said resonated strongly. I will most certainly keep my focus and heart on the "end goal" and leave it to the Universe to take care of the rest. Thank you for sharing your powerful gift; that you're a Heyoka Empath shines through strongly 💕 Much Love xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

9th October 2022

Jojo is great she always picks up on everything correctly and delivers information so kindly. I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to have been able to speak to her as I have. Looking forward to the predictions to come into fruition but the situation she picks up on clearly every time , the people the feelings and exactly what will come to pass the same as other top readers. I would definitely recommend giving her a call ❤️❤️❤️

- Sharanjit

18th June 2022

Don’t usually have tarot readings , quite reluctant, I never mentioned anything To jojo. I thought let me see if she picks the situation like a hands free medium . Guess what? She did! Everything she said was spot on regarding my sp. I didn’t tell her anything until midway by that point everything she said was already out in the open and it was all true. Don’t usually leave feedback like this but this lady truly deserves it. Put my mind at rest. Definitely a true clairvoyant. Just let the reading flow. Will definitely be coming back. Thank you so much for a true reading. Matches with favourite mediums on this site. Thank you Jojo- give her a call you won’t be dissatisfied xxx ❤️

- Sharn

6th March 2022

Thanks for a really positive reading. Very lovely voice and reassurance ❤ quite a few validations which proves Jojo has a spiritual gift. I'll update you! Bless you 🙏 x

- Sara

27th February 2022

Lovely jojo one of the kindest sweetest girls ever xx

- Anon

4th February 2022

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