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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I have always held a great sense of satisfaction of being a gifted psychic and being able to share my precious gift with others. I am always as honest and as true as I can be in any given situation, whether it were a reading for love/relationships, job/career & work situations or in fact any specific area that my clients feel that they need help and guidance with. I certainly do not judge anyone and will always do my up most to offer you a reading that will help to leave you feeling positive and empowered and through the help of my own

spirit guides I will always want to assist you in anyway necessary.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I was born under the sign of Virgo and like my sign I am very connected to the Earth and all its beauty. Ruled by Mercury, I am very good at communication and I am always being told by my clients, friends and family that they always feel better when they have spoken to me as a result of this. I am a true perfectionist in lots of ways as I like to make sure that everyone around me is settled and satisfied and this does come out in my readings and also within my own family life. I always strive to maintain that like a true Virgo “honesty is the best policy” and always do my very best to guide and help on a professional level.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I am very honoured to be a natural psychic and from a very early age was aware of this special gift of communication. As a young child I was guided by my own grandmother who helped me understand that what I possessed was indeed unique and that as I grew I would achieve much more in my life by using my spirituality in helping others. This is what I have done all the way through my life and I believe that this has been passed down to me through the female generations within my past relatives.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I must admit I have had many memorable experiences with my clients and people that surround me however, one particular memory recently stood out in my mind. A Pisces lady contacted me in my psychic capacity and asked for a general reading. Immediately I was overcome with a sense of my own spirit guide showing me an object. I realised that it was a black jacket which at first I thought might of sounded strange to my client but I knew that what I was being shown must be described to her. As I continued in speaking the lady said to me that she was absolutely shocked as the reason that she had decided to approach a psychic was because the previous evening she had taken out the black jacket from her spare bedroom wardrobe and it was the jacket that she had worn previously to her fathers funeral, which in turn had brought tears to her eyes and she had felt she needed to speak to someone about it, from this we had such an enlightening reading with very strong emotional connections. She felt that she was guided towards me in particular to do a reading for her but for reasons at the time, she couldn’t explain why. Since then I have spoken to this lady several times and each time she said that she felt at peace within herself and I am so honoured to have been able to put this lady’s mind at rest in the knowing that her father was at peace in spirit.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Alongside my gift of being Psychic and clairvoyant I have had years of experience on the Psychic Telephone Lines. When I became an adult I decided to still maintain my work with my gift and also did a Counselling & Psychotherapy course at University which I ran alongside my Psychic abilities. I have also completed further counselling skills courses from home which are degree level and I honestly now feel that I can relate to any person from any walk of life and do my level best to guide them and help them see a much clearer and happier more positive pathway.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a

psychic reading?

I believe that the most important factors to consider when having a psychic reading is to have an open mind, use your own judgement and together with the psychic of your choice make appropriate decisions which are important to you and to cover any issues you feel need to be covered. I will always be at hand to give my honest guidance even if it is perhaps something you do not wish to hear but know in your heart it is for the best so on that basis always be prepared to hear the truth. Positively is the key factor in any reading

and I believe people are automatically drawn to a reader that they have a connection with.

I would be honoured to hear from you and all the very very best of wishes for the future xx

Estella xx

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What our customers say about Estella

Thanks again for great reading this morning. We are like old friends. I will be careful of ex hubby, haven't heard anything about the caravan yet. Will let you know when T turns up in my life again. Take care. Love and Light. L x


21st November 2013

Wow! What a fantastic reading, she connected to me straight away. Such a gifted and talented reader, the best reading I have had on Psychic Sofa. Estella did all the talking and has a lovely personality. I will be calling her again, that is for sure. All I can say is... Fantastic!!!


3rd October 2013

01/10/13. Dear Estella, I have many readings with you in last few months and every time you described my situation regarding my man quite clear. Today you gave me a lot about positive outcomes regarding my love situation that it's on its way to manifest soon. Now I am quite happy and positive as well after my reading with you. Thank you so very much. I will call you again to update you about my situation. Thank you very much for showing me such a clear picture of my situation x, K/N


3rd October 2013

26/09/13. Dear Estella. my reading with you was quite accurate as you showed me a very clear picture of my difficult love situation. You gave me a few predictions, which you ensured me will come to manifest until any time in October. I'll post again when these predictions take place, but mean while I am quite positive and hopeful about my situation. Many thanks for giving me such a nice and accurate reading. x K/N


3rd October 2013

Estella is a lovely positive reader who is as honest with what she sees and feels as she can be, given that all life changes! A calming, uplifting reading.


17th September 2013

Estella has always given me a real lift no matter how bleak a situation has appeared & regardless has always just been very honest. Her insight has given me the clarity I just haven't been able to get by myself from the other person. Love her for all her kind words and trying to help get to the root of my situation.


30th August 2013

Thank you so much Estella for the email reading you gave me a while ago. It gave me a real boost of confidence to really go for it with a new career and believe in myself. Love, V x


9th August 2013

I have had several email readings from Estella. She is able to tune into my situation very well, and give great insight and clarity on how a particular person thinks and feels. We often scramble around failing to see what is in front of us, or doubt our own intuition but Estella's insight has enabled me to have faith and belief in my own perceptions and this has given me much strength and courage for the future. Thank you Estella. From B xx


29th July 2013

I've had a few readings close together with Estella over my complicated situation and I have to say, she has a great connection with me. I was astounded that despite all the readings she does, she could accurately recall the story to date. Was totally honest by saying that contact from someone wouldn't be forthcoming, which deep down I did know based on the person, but had been advised by others it would be and to keep waiting. Estella advised me correctly on a course of action and whilst it is still early days by following this, it has helped put a mind at rest about the first hurdle. A long way to go, but knowing I can talk to Estella and get insight is a great help. There are no false promises, even though things will hopefully go the way I want. Very accurate about all the people involved. Even correctly identified that one person was foreign!! Thank you for your patience with me. Always makes me smile and can have a joke with her too. P xx


16th July 2013

First time speaking to Estella on the phone. I have had email readings from her in the past. Estella was spot on in regards to my situation and described him to a tee. Estella has made me feel better about the situation and I will definitely be coming back to her for more readings in the future. Thank you Estella x


11th July 2013

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