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Since I was very young I knew my intuition was heightened as I became more sensitive to those around me, sensing emotions and insights without even trying

I was able to make a deep connection with those that need guidance in their lives understanding their situations and giving them the upliftment they needed. The Tarot has made it easier to express what has been going on as validation of the circumstances. it helps provide great insight of what is coming and that we are on the right road

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Being able to make them feel positive and leave my readings happy knowing there's light at the end of their tunnel. but the first thing is honesty but also letting them know choices and freewill is always there for them.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I am caring and very sensitive, and family and close friends are very important to me and I have a very strong intuition which are all very typical of Cancerians.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

At a very young age, having dreams that would come true and feeling other people feelings and thoughts. I sensed things were going to happen before they did and later in life I predicted things that were family related and other situations around me, since then over the last few years my skills have improved and I have become more gifted.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Too many to tell, but it is knowing you have given a client a reading where they have doubted and they have come back and told me it had happened as i told them on the reading. and being able to help a client is my main priority when doing readings

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Spirituality is important to me. I am a spiritual person and this naturally comes through in my readings that I love doing. I try to get clients to be aware and focus on their own spiritual awareness which allow them to have a clearer understanding of themselves as well as their situations

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

That a reading is like a two way road, you need to open up spiritually NOT by telling the reader anything in detail but by being open minded and not come with great expectations, freewill is always there. I am here to help explore your opportunities in life, not to threaten or judge, sometimes I will receive a message from spirit. I STRIVE TO KEEP MY ACCURACY RATE HIGH and for that reason I work hard to manage my clients expectations. I treat every reading as an honor. 

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What our customers say about Marina

Spoke to Marina this morning 7/02/18, would like to say thank you very much you have reassured me. No questions were asked you picked straight up on what was on my mind and helped me to see things. You are wonderful thank you so much xx

- N/A

7th February 2018

Thanks Marina ❤️ Michelle xxx

- Michelle

2nd February 2018

Marina i dont know why but my previous comment hasnt been posted. All I want to say is Thank you so much. Youve kept me postive and strong through this difficult time x - Suzi/Nikki


23rd January 2018

Thank you Marina Love ya - Suzi/Nikki xx


22nd January 2018

Thank you marina. Ive have 4 readings with you in the past 2 weeks. And you never have changed your predictions. One prediction has come to light all ready. Cant wait for the others to happen xx

- Sujata

22nd January 2018

Marina is simply excellent! She is a kind, wise and lovely soul. She has done several readings for me and her predictions have always come true, even when I’m doubting it will! She is a compassionate and gifted reader.


19th January 2018

It’s a big problem I had but I won’t mention about it, I called you my spiritual guidance and you absolutely brilliant reader I cannot thank you enough for your helped and guidance you are genius thanks again x

- Dina

16th January 2018

A*** reader, lovely lady - spot on

- N/A

20th December 2017

Picked up on my situation and exactly what my partner was doing! Picked up on places! Told me exactly the words my ex said in an argument which made me laugh! Believe her predictions will happen... few more days to be patient after 5 weeks! Thank you! You made me realize how much I need to relax!!!

- S

6th November 2017

Fabulous!! she is amazing and spot on. I love this Lady so warming and positive and straight to the point.

- lindsey

19th October 2017

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