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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I feel privileged to be let into so many peoples' lives when I read for them.

I always see my job as someone who sees the bigger picture, that way my clients are able to make the choices in their lives that are going to assist them on their path.

How are you typical of your star sign?

I see myself as an adventurer and a traveller. I get bored easily and love new challenges.  I see problems as opportunities for growth and awareness rather than obstacles and blockages.  I am a survivor and have been through a lot of life experiences. That is what makes me empathetic and understanding towards clients.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

I have been doing readings since a teenager with cards. I have always been fascinated by psychics and mediums. As I evolved in life I sought lots of different spiritual practises and really enjoy learning new techniques, to enhance my gift.

I see my work as a work in progress, never complete, always learning. I believe where we are today is the right place we are meant to be for our growth in this lifetime. We are never stuck, always moving and learning.  Life is a big Ferris wheel we keep on moving around and sometimes we end up back where we started.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There have been a lot and far too many to write down here. However, there are often random things that come out in readings, so expect the unexpected. One lady who I was reading for was rather shocked when I asked her why I kept getting the word sausages. It turned out that her boyfriend was an award winning butcher whose sausages had won prizes all over the place. Pretty random, but true nevertheless.  I always give everything I see, hear and feel in the reading. I don't hold back, but I am diplomatic, no one wants to be preached to during a reading. If I can't connect with a client (it happens from time to time) I do tell the client and they are usually grateful.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am a yoga practitioner and holistic therapist. This helps me to recharge and balance my psychic work. I love exercise and am a fully qualified Register of Exercise professional. I believe that exercise keeps you young and I love teaching to over forties and teach every week. Fit fab and over forty classes.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Go with your gut instinct, find the reader that fits you and that you have trust in. We all have different ways of reading and some people may be better suited to one particular style than another.  One man's feast is another man's poison.

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What our customers say about Rosie

Had three readings from Rosie. She was great and helped me a lot. I only wish she did face to face readings as I would love to meet her in person. She described my situation and people around me, only hope her predictions come true. All the best Rosie, keep up the good work x


8th January 2014

I have had a few readings with Rosie. She is amazing and she is very accurate. She told me that I would get a job between 2 -9th and I started on the 7th. I am waiting for the rest to unfold. She is kind, warm and calm. I will be back for another reading, soon.


15th October 2013

Wow! What an incredible lady. I felt so at ease right from the beginning of our conversation. Everything she said was spot on with amazing accuracy. Rosie radiates such warmth and kindness and delivers her reading with such honesty. Thank you Rosie xx J


30th August 2013

Love Rosie! She's fabulous. I have chatted with her for the last few months and she has been spot on about everything so far! All her predictions have come true. Give her a ring, she's such a sweet and amazing lady! Thanks Rosie, I will be back soon xxx


19th August 2013

Brilliant, amazing and spot on! The real deal and tuned in straight away! Please try. I will be back again soon!! XX Aug 13


16th August 2013

I love Rosie. She is lovely, warm and always spot on. Gives advice clearly and compassionately and has her clients best interests at heart. Have spoken to her many times and she is fab. Recommend everyone to give her a call. Be back soon. xxxx Emma


31st July 2013

I've spoken to Rosie twice in the last month and she is brilliant. I think 'wow' factor would hit the nail on the head. In my first reading she reeled off information without a word from me and then the same again this evening, picking up on things we spoke about a month ago. Rosie is warm, funny and easy to talk to. She read into my situation with stunning clarity whilst offering grounded advice and giving predictions of what's to come. I'll keep you posted Rosie. Thank you!


30th July 2013

Lovely lady, very accurate and really lifts your spirits! would recommend everyone to ring her! One of the best on here! Will be back, thanks, Emma x


15th July 2013

Wow! Rosie is amazing! I didn't have to say anything and she picked up his sign, field of work, his and our current situation. It was like chatting to a good friend too. Rosie is warm, funny and incredibly tuned in. She gave great advice. It also felt like she was reading my mind like a book. Call her - she's fab. (7th July)


9th July 2013

Rosie was amazing, even knew my exact job was in a care home, and about the 2 men around me in detail. I have never had such an accurate reading, sorry I was quiet at the end and didn't get to thank u properly, but someone came in. I will 100% be talking to you again. The best reading I've ever had, L in Scotland, 6.6.13 xxx


7th June 2013

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