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About Adele S

I have been reading tarot for over 30 years and have always loved connecting with people. I am an empath, a great listener and non-judgemental. I specialise in Love and Relationships, business, family, and general readings. Call me and we will look at the path you're on and see what the best path for you is to be on. Looking forward to hearing from you

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love connecting with my clients and helping them. Especially when they can't see a way out of a situation. I love showing them there is always a way towards a better future. I love when callers come back and build a bond with me. They treat me as a friend who us giving them the right advice.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am very much a grounded, loving, warm human like the Taurean suggests. I am very loyal and dependable and have a very mothering nature. People often come for advice because they know I am a great listener, and they won't be judged. I also love good food and wine.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

As a young child I would see and hear people that weren't there. This has come through my mum's side of the family. All the females have been able to sense things before they happened. I started reading tarot as a teenager for friends and family which soon grew and now, I read to people all over the world.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I had a lady who was having a bad time with work and didn't know where it was coming from. I could tell her exactly who it was and that they would expose themselves but even when things could get better, she would get a better offer from someone she worked with in her past. She phoned me and let me know about the woman exposing her bad deeds in an email and the office saw it. I did her cards again and told her about this man from her past would be offering her new work opportunities in America and she let me know he had been in touch and his work was mainly in America

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I often get prewarning’s of situations going to happen and let the people know. I managed to stop my nephew in law having a serious accident at work by letting my niece know what i had seen. If she hadn't phoned him, he would have been in a bad accident.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

If you are wanting a reading, make sure the reader is suited to you. Make sure you have a question for the cards that can be answered. Try to be relaxed and open to the cards and the reading. The more you are open the better the connection between the reader and client

Adele S's Availability

This reader has not entered any dates for this week.

What our customers say about Adele S

I had a feeling Adele would be great and she was. Very understanding and caring and reassured about the situation with my POI. Recommend speaking to her.

- Anon

25th February 2024

Very genuine caring reader with good insight into my relationship & a great style of reading.

- Kate

21st March 2023

Thank you Adele. Brilliant reading and spot on xx

- Allison

8th March 2023

Wow - Just wow -Amazing lady! I hope all she said comes to light - but also picked up on my situation very fast and very well, offering me sound advice. I will definitely be taking it all on board. Thank you so much G x

- Anon

27th January 2023

P.S. I will most certainly give you a call back in future to update you 😊 You're really lovely, and brilliant, thanks again xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

9th January 2023

Lovely speaking with you today, Adele S. Loved your energy; everything you said resonated strongly. I really appreciate your lovely reading, thank you 🙏🏼. Much Love xxxxxxx ☀️

- G

9th January 2023

Oh Adele, thank you so much for my beautiful reading, I am glowing with happiness , you are one of the absolute best on safa, the detail, so fast, answered every question with ease, tons of validations, we are very lucky to be able to have a reading from a psychic medium of this level, outstanding, pure amazing gift, and a heart of gold and so happy to help, thank you so much, my second reading with you, I felt so lucky you logged on and was able to catch you!, she is going to be so busy but wow! well worth keep trying until you can get her, very rare to get on this level, youl know the min she starts talking she knows whats she is talking about , all my love, j xx

- julie

11th November 2022

Wow. amazing ! sofa and we are very lucky, Thank you so much Adele for my beautiful reading, you are so gifted, validation after validation, and her predictions all in line with top readers on sofa, and she is so lovely, down to earth, so much info very fast, going to be very busy on sofa , Adele is going to be one of your favourites the moment you get threw to her, she is one of the best of the best on here, you can tell its effortless for her, info just flows instantly and she can answer anything you ask fast love and light julie :-) xxx

- julie

9th November 2022

She is brilliant at picking up the situation/ problem i am in and was on the ball. Brilliant reader Thank you Z

- Anon

7th November 2022

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