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As a seven year old child at school I had to stand in the corner all afternoon because I was stupid. My mother told me (many years later) my teacher complained to her everything I wrote was upside down and back to front ( mirror writing). The stupid label stuck with me and I left school with no qualifications. It wasn't until my early forties when someone suggested I took an IQ test, the result of which put me in the top one percent of university graduates, I finally realised I wasn't stupid, like many people I just had difficulties. One thing that helps me in life is I don't believe in difficult people, just that they have difficulties. Seeing people from a different perspective can really help a situation. I went on to forge a career in business, working as a very successful personal communications consultant before changing direction to work in creative arts. Six years ago I had a major abdominal operation after nearly passing from this earthly plane while working in a New York recording studio. Two years later I needed to do something as money was running out and our pensions were not enough to live on. During meditation, my angels guided me to apply to read tarot professionally. I'd read for years for family and friends but not professionally so I wasn't sure, but I took a leap of faith and haven't looked back. My angels were right and I've enjoyed reading for people all over the world.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

Many years ago I wrote as a lyric in a song... Some people need to know the fate life has in store, others need to know if they'll be rich or maybe poor. Sometimes they just need a friend, someone to talk to, someone to be with and through the cards I have a lot to give, through the cards I help their spirit live. Some people I see only once and help them on their way, others need to see me more to be reassured by things I say. Some people cannot come to terms with losing someone dear, I can with the gifts I have help to calm their fear. Some people, they just want to know. I feel this really sums up why I love my work. I enjoy connecting with people, sharing insights from spirit and my guide (who sometimes makes me laugh)

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being a taurean I like the good things in life, especially food along with art and music. I enjoy and recognise beauty, not only physical but also character traits. My wife and I, now both retired have just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary, so I suppose I follow another taurean trait of loyalty. My wife will tell you I can be stuborn and sometimes spend money I don't have.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

Even as a child I have always had a knowing, call it a sixth sense. I remember being in a car with my dad when I turned to him and said "Mum's been in an accident." He said "don't be ridiculous." However we arrived home to find mum had been taken to hospital after a car had crashed into her at a junction. Luckily she made a full recovery. Things used to come to me at inappropriate moments, messages for strangers etc. Eventually I learnt to control it and focus. I'm now able to use that focus in my readings.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

There have been many, the cards are usually right. One such occasion, a lady hadn't heard from a man she still felt a close connection with and asked if he would make contact anytime. I told her he would and unusually I gave her a specific date. She said "that's my birthday." I also told her she would recieve a gift. She called back and said "you were right and he left a birthday cake with a message for me on my doorstep."

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

In my life I have experienced many ups and downs in love and career. My first marriage ended after eight years. A year later I met Kim who is my wife. We were in a bar. It was my birthday and lady came up to me and told me I have special eyes and would I mind if she read my palm. She didn't want anything for doing it. The first thing she said was, "someone close to you works with priests or nuns." Kim was employed by the Sister's of Charity (nuns).The lady reading my palm also said many personal things. Then she said I'd be given three keys in my life and should accept and use them. I'd also achieve success as a writer. Fifteen years later while working in Glasgow a stranger approached me and told me he had a message for me. He said "I have your third key." I nearly fell off my chair. He gave me the message. I asked him who he was, he said, "just think of me as an angel." The message changed my life. I now talk regularly with my angels and encourage others to do the same. I have also had critical success as a writer but at the time she told me, I'd never written a thing. I've gone through a legal battle and come out on top, like David versus Goliath. My Mum and dear Mum in law both died of dementia and my father and younger brother who was also my best friend died of cancer. I'm able to empathise support and relate to clients because of my varied life experiences.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Be open, know the reader doesn't have the power to change things, only you can do that. The readers do their best to connect with you and spirit. Their support, reassurance, insights and love can help unlock intuitions within you, enabling you to move forward positively with life and love.

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What our customers say about Dawa

Top guy x

- Anon

5th November 2023

I wasn't able to extend by card, as it wouldn't go through. I will need to return for another reading as soon as i can. What a great reading. A real reader, lovely guy and genuine soul. I can see why all of the great feedback. Thank you and look after yourself Dawa -T

- Anon

3rd November 2023

Dawa is a lovely man and a v good reader. I really hope the predictions come to pass. Thank you v much, S x

- Anon

1st November 2023

I was in tears tonight about work, late on a Saturday evening, and managed to get through to this lovely gentleman. I am so glad for the reading you gave me tonight. Dawa is gentle and kind. His readings are very detailed and inline with other gifted readers here. I loved our conversation about manifestation and he is an exceptional tarot reader who knows his cards well. I have a feeling he will be very popular in the months to come. A very grounded reader who makes you feel very satisfied because he is very focused. I will leave another review when predictions come to pass but I think Dawa is definitely a very gifted reader. Thank you, at least I will sleep tonight. ❤️

- Sam

21st October 2023

From reader to reader you helped ease my mind was very honest despite how complex the situation is.very kind loving soul. Didn't even judge. I deffently be returning to you again. ☯️🧘‍♂️

- Empress

8th October 2023

I had a reading with Dawa this morning, and he really tuned in quickly to my situation and gave me some great. what an awesome reader he is, and I would highly recommend you give him a call. Thank you Dawa, xx

- Claudette

8th October 2023

Amazing!!1 thank you Dawa!! one of the best readings i ever had, i knew he would be brilliant when i read his profile and so wanted to get a chance to have a reading wih him!! and i was so happy when i got a chance, he is so kind, heart of gold, and answers any questions instantly, very intune with spirit , we and sofa are very lucky to have a chance to have a reading with a medium on this very high level, lots of love and hugs, xxxxx

- Anon

6th October 2023

Thank you. I love the readings, your validations are spot on, I feels every word in my soul to be the truth. I feel at peace. God bless. X

- Kulvinder

5th October 2023

Dawa has really good and kind energy. He is also a fantastic reader (I would put him alongside other top readers such as Avyanna and Dan Robinson). Dawa explained my situation in a way which resonated and said some very meaningful things (e.g. an elastic band springing back analogy). Another good thing is that he was honest enough to say when he wasnt being shown the answer to what I was asking and he wasnt sure. I appreciated that and it made what he did say more meaningful. Thanks Dawa x

- Anon

2nd October 2023

I had my first reading with Dawa yesterday and I am so glad I did. He connected right away, did most the talking and picked up on my situation without any prompting. He is an empathic reader, shows no judgement and is an absolute delight to talk to. A brilliant reader, I cannot recommend enough. Thank you so much Dawa x

- Anon

2nd October 2023

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