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What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to give guidance, clarity, understanding and healing to clients, so that when our conversation ends, they leave feeling happier and more aware of what lies ahead for them in the future. This gives me a lot of satisfaction, knowing that I have helped.

How are you typical of your star sign?

There are quite a few traits, sensitivity, intuition, empathic, a good listener and am protective to loved one's. I also have a lot of warm Leo in my Birth Chart, which is nice also, so I have both elements.

When did you first become aware of your gift?

The first experience I had was being aware of someone sitting on my bed at night when I was around 14 years old. This was later confirmed to me by a medium to be my grandmother, who was looking in and checking that I was alright.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A lady came to me, being very sceptical at the time. I mentioned she would change her job; she would also take in a female lodger, giving her name and giving information regarding her relationship etc. This lady wouldn't except or acknowledge any of this information. Needless to say she returned to see me to confirm everything I had said to her had come to pass. She was amazed that I had even given her the correct name of her new female lodger.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

During the twenty years of reading for people, the life experiences that I had had have only make you stronger and enable you to help others. Life's experiences bring knowledge and wisdom.

Eileen's Availability

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What our customers say about Eileen

Spoke to this lady a few times shes been right about everything shes said. Mentioned the months things were going to change etc..and her timings for contact have been spot on also. Spoke to her 2 weeks ago and she said i would hear off a certain person in 2 weeks around 10 pm.. last night at 22.04 i had that contact. Thank you :) xx

- Vikki

29th August 2016

Had a late night/early morning reading with this lady tonight (31/07/16). She correctly pinpointed family issues (my teenage children) who had only been given one side of a difficult story. She also picked up housing issues (correct) and gave some clarity surrounding a relationship issue with a man who has a demanding work/personal life at the moment. What a lovely calming energy and beautiful soul. Thank you Eileen, love from Scotland xx

- n/a

31st July 2016

Had a 30 minute reading beginning of Feb. Eileen told me I would receive an invitation, the next day I had an invitation through the post then today 10th Feb I had another invitation to an event in April which she has predicted someone from the past will be there quite out of the blue. If the last one comes true then they don't come much better than Eileen. Give her a try she will not disappoint you.

- N/A

11th February 2016

Had a very thorough and concise reading with Eileen. She went very deep into all areas and tried to put clarification around major changes in my life and future events unfolding for me. Will see what develops. Thanks. Karon

- Karon

30th January 2016

4/12/15. Sorry I didn't have the chance to thank you as we were cut off. An excellent reading and I could sense you made the best effort to relay info accurately. Validations were great and I look forward to the work changes and progress with the man coming in early next year. Many many thanks for a wonderful reading. Will most definitely read with you again. A xx

- N/A

4th December 2015

Spoke to Eileen in June and July, it's now November. Her predictions have come to pass. Her timing was accurate. She was able to correct assess the situation with no help from me. A genuine reader. I highly recommend her.

- Shalin

31st October 2015

Thank you for another positive and uplifting reading the other evening. I took advice and guidance from Eileen from a previous reading and it paid off like she saw it would. Eileen is a lovely warm kind lady and her validations are spot on. She made a prediction and it came true. Please call Eileen for support and guidance . God Bless you xxx

- na

4th October 2015

Hi, on Saturday you told me 4 days and T would contact me. I had actually forgotten this until I got a text 4 days later! Wow, spot on. Really wasn't expecting it so lovely surprise. Eileen, I love the way you work, empathic, kind and supportive and predictions come true. Am now holding back as advised. You are amazing. Thank you. C xx

- Cathy

24th September 2015

Hi Eileen sorry we got cut off last night but will call again for a longer reading as I really enjoyed you reading, Although we only had a short time together you worked fast and tuned into my situation giving me validations that I only know about and how spot on your were, Eileen is a caring, kind and compassionate reader and gets straight to the heart of the matter. I only wish was we didn't get cut off as I was enjoying the information you were giving me. Please have a reading with this lovely lady as she is a star. God Bless xxxx

- na

23rd August 2015

Hi, I didn't get a chance to finish saying thank you to you. You mentioned that, thats what you are here for but from my perspective and having tried other readers you have the greatest gift at what you do. I would recommend this reader as she is very insightful with an amazing psychic gift, is always honest and caring. Many thanks.

- n/a

3rd June 2015

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