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Hi, I’m Larimar a psychic medium, and clairvoyant. I’m also an astrologer, yoga teacher and reiki master. With the help of my Spirit Guides, I use tarot and oracle cards to help you look into the questions in your life, whether on relationships or a clear view of your life path.

I began connecting to the spirit world when I was a young child, through mysterious dreams and sensing unspoken truths behind the words and actions of others. I felt close to nature and the mysteries of the cosmos, gazing at stars and making my own little ceremonies with the crystals, berries and rocks I collected, as I searched for the infinite in all things, trying to find those moments of what I felt was magic.

I found that other children and adults, even complete strangers, would confide in me, looking for someone to resolve their inner struggles and interpersonal conflicts, from the playground to other walks of life It was mysterious and sometimes disconcerting. Such as the time a woman sat next to me on an empty bus when I was ten years old, proceeded to tell me she was getting divorced and asked my opinion! As I grew up, strangers continued to make a beeline for me, with their unusual questions, telling me their woes... Once, when I was laid up with a back injury, two friends arrived demanding a tarot reading on why their brother was involved in a fatal crime. I had only just bought my first tarot deck a few days previously, and suddenly found myself delving into the psyche of someone I had never met, once again bringing out answers for which I had no reference.

After years of being affected by the moods and energies of those around me, I learned I was an empath and studied with renowned medium, the late Ivy Northage, going on to have spiritual training in Egypt, Asia and North America, seeking out sacred traditions and  teachers, having many awakenings, kundalini and spiritual experiences.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I love helping people to find answers to life’s challenges, transforming their lives, with new decisions and plans for a better future. I’m especially drawn to give guidance on relationship and life path questions. Helping others is a reward in itself. I love to bring the mystic into the everyday world.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

I am compassionate and caring, and even a little shy, like the typical crab, darting back into my shell. Which means I am watchful, always looking for a way to help others and serve their needs, for their highest good. My PIsces moon often sees me 'float off' into the universe for instructions, awake or asleep. That said, with my Scorpio rising, and a lot oif fire signs to balance all that water, I am non-judgemental and love nothing more than a tough question or situation. I'll gladly "roll my sleeves up" and pitch in, looking for answers and resolutions.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was three years old, I realised I was dreaming things before they happened, but kept it to myself, for fear that I would be seen as ‘strange’. I was the naughty one, who always knew where all the Christmas presents were hidden, without looking or being told, much to my mother's exasperation! If someone in the family lost something, I would instinctively blurt out where it was, without knowing why or how I knew. Sometimes this extended to my 'knowing' or having a feeling when things were about to happen to others, even challenging situations in life.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

Once I contacted a channeller listed in a well-known new age magazine for a reading. Instead she turned the tables on me and asked me to help her find her own spiritual teacher, whose present whereabouts she didn't know. Naturally, I said I couldn't. She encouraged me, insisting I could channel myself. I went on to trace a link between them across time, continents and countries. There seemed to be an almost past-life connection, traversing several different personas. In the end, at her request, I was able to accurately describe the physical features of them both. I was astonished and grateful to her for the strange and wonderful experience, which began my own channelling journey.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

After studying several years at the College of Psychic Studies, I was eventually told by my teacher that it was time for me to teach in my own right. I started by running a small meditation group and then a full-time healing and therapy practice, teaching Reiki, psychic development and channelling to medical professionals and business people working in London. I ran a weekly healing group from home. Sometimes, during healings we would smell different flower aromas, each held different meanings for me and showed the presence of Spirit. Over time, I expanded my practice to include vibrational medicine (flower remedies), and crystal healing, which I studied with a master crystal channeller in USA. Additionally, I included Thai Massage and Teaching Yoga, which I learned in their respective countries. I am also currently a PHD researcher, which means I take care to analyse avenues for the client's growth and development, knowing how much education and an adventurous spirit has helped me myself.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

I am tuning into the client's own vibration, and as we are often co-creating a path for them together, it is helpful if they keep an open mind and accept that the visions are being presented by their own psyches and spirit guides, knowing that the answers are truly within them. Often a particular aspiration shows an innate ability, and challenges are stepping stones the soul has arranged to help take the client to a higher path.


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What our customers say about Larimar

Beautiful soul. So lovely to talk to and such a great addition to the psychic sofa. Blessings stacy - fellow reader XXXxX

- Stacy

31st May 2020

Larimar is a very in tune and sensitive reader. I had a lovely reading that helped me no end!

- Carla

18th January 2020

An amazing lady, truly gifted, Larimar tuned into my situation straight away. She was able to understand what was going on around me and give me the clarity and advice I needed. I would highly recommend having a reading with her.

- Darina

14th January 2020

Lovely reading and her energy is on point, fabulous knowing about the astrology and the future unfoldment ,love and light R??

- Coates

13th January 2020

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