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I am a young psychic but have been practising for many years now, my Nan was also a psychic, I would find myself at her house learning how to control the spirits around me and how to Chanel other people’s energy and feelings, the main tool I practised with was ribbons which I still do to this day, I have over 100 different colour ribbons. I would go to the spiritualist church ever Saturday where I would be able to work on my gift and be taught what each feeling meant and what powers I could provide to the world, I am a healer and I am also a reader that picks up on peoples energy and also their spirit guide as I am a big believer everyone is guided through life through spirit, I spent years giving readings to friends and people who were at the spiritualist churches and I have performed in front of many audiences before. I like to think I have a strong gift that was passed to me to help people and guide them through their life.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I enjoy helping people with the main struggles they have in their life but also with what I pick up around them, it’s like puzzle solving and helping them put a picture together of what’s happened or what’s too happen, I enjoy giving people predictions of what is too come and hearing from them on how it’s starting to come to light and explain to them how to get a successful outcome as everyone who calls for a reading is looking for answers or clarity in their life, i also enjoy speaking to people and getting their energy through so I get to understand them more as a person.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Being a Cancerian, I am highly emotional with my feelings which is what makes me a great empath and healer, this is why I can pick up better on people’s emotions as I feel them more. I am devoted to those around me, and I am a very loyal person, I love to laugh, and I also love to cry, cancers are highly intuitive, and I think that’s one strong point in my life

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

When I was around 9 years of age, I picked up on a past situation that my Nan was involved with as a child, whilst she would be sat in the kitchen with me teaching me things, I would pick up on her energy, and memory’s she had on her mind and also things she would be thinking off, also when I was younger I would pick up on names that had a lot to do with my nans past and would tell her things to do with these people that no one would have known about

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

When I gave a reading to a friend of mine when she was lost, I told her 3 predictions that would come to pass and within a short time frame and they all started to unfold, I told her she would be reunited with a loved one from the past and to her surprise a few weeks later she received a call, when I told her at first she was curious and I saw the hope in her eyes so when it happened the feeling I felt around her was amazing

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

It is important to not take time frames on board as you will be sat around waiting instead of living your life the way you are supposed to, also to be very opened minded as things you might think might happen could be something very different.

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What our customers say about Lilly D

Thank you so much Lilly D for your guidance and support, I appreciate it so much. Lilly is so friendly and caring she is such a lovely lady. I have had my second reading with her now and everything seems to be unfolding like you said. It's a been a difficult time concerning a work situation and she has guided me through it, you mentioned that my issues will be sorted out and this will help me move forward for the better and you also gave me a date 23/06 and mentioned i will hear something. I will come back for another reading and update on what is happening xx

- Anon

9th June 2024

Absolutely spot on and such a beautiful soul. You won’t be disappointed if you give Lilly a call.

- Zynnette

7th June 2024

Beautiful reader! So much info. Thankyou x

- Lauryn

2nd June 2024

Beautiful reader! So much info. Thankyou x

- Lauryn

2nd June 2024

Thank you for all your guidance, support and friendship! It’s been amazing going on this journey with you and seeing just how much your predictions unfold! Today was amazing, exactly what you said would happen, happened but much sooner than we thought (shocker)! I’m still laughing! Thank you, and I hope moving forward we can always maintain a friendship and you keep guiding x

- Anon

9th May 2024

Lilly D has become a reader and a friend in one. She helps me in the most difficult times in my life. I’ve known Lilly D as a reader for two years now and we’ve clicked straight away from our first ever phone call. Her readings are very accurate and she does not beat around the bush at all. Lilly is a caring and lovely person. She is friendly, kind and non-judgemental. She is worth every penny you spend on her reading because she is so talented and gifted at what she does best. She deserves more reviews on this site!!

- Joy

2nd May 2024

What a fabulous reading with Lilly . Was blow away with a very detailed reading. I can only say OMG she was so 100 % sport on , the things she knew. Gave dates and a song to look out for " Sweet child of mine " words are amazing . thank you my lovely , brilliant reading . xxxx

- Anon

14th March 2024

Such an amazing soul, and happy we connected. Thank you for your guidance & uplifting readings. You have been truly helpful & loved our chats. X love & light

- Dene

24th November 2023

What a fabulous reading, right on point and very consistent over time. My POI described to a 'T'. Sound advice at the time where I didn't see the wood for the trees. Thank you, Lily! You are a gem! xx

- Anon

17th November 2023

Had a reading with Lilly yesterday, she was so spot on and lovely to speak to. I didn’t have to tell her a thing and she said exactly what was going on. Thank you Lilly

- Zynn

8th November 2023

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