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I come from a long line of Gypsies who originally hailed from the North of England in a time long ago, which was once full of empty fields and horses. A coveted lineage of working Gypsy psychics passed down from Great, Great Grandmother Boswell. My own gift arrived with much help from familiars, that came in many forms of bird, cat, horse, dog, and insect and many more. I had visitations from those who had passed over all before school, as they searched for the light, that only psychics with gift of medium have. Asking for my assistance many questions about their demise. I travelled and learnt many forms of divination and spell. Learning that to help others through insight was my own personal aim.

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I like to remove emptiness and loss of direction and replace it with something new and different. A love a reading for example has so many levels of interest from a platonic friendship which brings a compassionate understanding. There is also deeper love to be shared through marriages and of course finding your soul mate past and present. All emotions can be found in a reading from pain to tears. You can give information about loves to be found and love to be held in a brand-new way. I hope I touch all I meet in some way, and to help them on their fascinating journeys through life. To be of assistance through my work; to bring insight to those lost in some way. To be a friend however distant or close.

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Deeply sensitive, hiding under a rock to protect my emotions as a child. Engrossed in the mystical magical sensuality of our galaxy and its billions of stars. A thirst for knowledge on all things connected to perception and divination. To sense is to trust instincts and to believe, which is in itself knowledge. To detect things moving under the surface of situations, a pure detective. Passionate in all things that I love. I search constantly for Love in all things, people, places animals and work projects.

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

My gift came as I first opened my eyes, it grew with each year. I heard the voices of many, as I learnt to talk myself. I was born on the Jurassic Coast on a small peninsula mostly surrounded by rough sea and cliffs. It was a time of introspection or growing my gift and learning to trust both my spirituality and my messages.

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

A lady with a difficult relationship came to me full of questions about a gentleman she loved deeply, but her family all hated him. She felt outnumbered and needed a second viewpoint. She loved him regardless and wanted a Love reading into their future. Was there one? She wanted to know if he would return to her. I looked down all the months toward the end of the year. And close to mid-December, I clearly saw him arriving around her, but not initially in her home. I could still see him bringing problems to her, but he would return, nevertheless. She later came back seven months later in late December, to tell me, he had turned up in a local pub and they were now going on holiday together taking all their children from their different marriages with them. So don't give up if you love someone.

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

Over my many years of spiritual work, I see the ever-growing important need for Spirit guides. Spirituality became part of my psychic readings, and sometimes messages from Angels can glow like gold in a reading and ask to be passed to enquirers. The divine or ancestors can gently guide and help by pointing to areas, that need special attention. Working with those who have passed over and solving difficult situations both in buildings and on land was like a foundation course, which I had to pass before I began, to work helping others. A Psychic's work can take on many forms and field work were a part of awakening around my psychic abilities.

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Firstly, acknowledge the possibility of the existence of sixth sense and psychic abilities. Do you want a good psychic to help you win emotional battles? This is especially necessary, if you feel you are losing through lack of understand a situation or person. King Arthur had Merlin for example. You can use a psychic like a convex mirror to see on the darkened road of life as the psychic reveals life's hidden mysteries. Do you want a psychic to grant your insight? A psychic can shed sunlight around the darkened corners of your life. Do you want to remove lack of understanding? You can improve clarity and your mental perception, and you will start to grow a new understanding. Gaining the edge on even difficult problems will become yours.

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What our customers say about Ophira

Two predictions of ophira came true ! She is one of two readers that I only go to now. Very very wise lady absolutely amazing thank you so much x

- Bianca

31st January 2024

Ophira is the best on here her readings are magical . It’s like a storey. Really enjoy her readings they remind me of old gypsy readings. Cannot wait for these readings to unfold. I also cannot believe the detail Orhira manages to get in these readings it’s gobsmacking !!! Absolutely fantastic thank you x Bianca

- Bianca

19th December 2023

Definitive reading, Amazing!

- Anon

13th December 2023

Excellent reader

- Kathy

26th July 2023

Another incredible and deeply insightful reading Ophira. You are very gifted. Thank you Allison ❤️

- Allison

25th July 2023

Absolutely amazing! This lady gives readings like nobody else and is so patient and so compassionate! Most recentley I have regularly used Ophira and she has guided me through a very emotional time. Definitely recommend.

- Anon

21st July 2023

Got cut off before I could say thank you. Another reading which was an amazing blend of the everyday and the deeply spiritual.

- Kate

21st May 2023

Don’t know why this lady doesn’t have more feedback! She is amazing!! The way she reads and explains things is so good. Really help bring me some clarity with a difficult situation.

- Anon

16th May 2023

Amazing reader different style of telling you about the future but it all made sense thank you

- Dee

13th April 2023

Amazing reader. Highly recommended.

- Michael

11th March 2023

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