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I first luckily learned of my gift as a teenager, I was introduced to tarot by a family friend, who did readings for my family. She was very insightful and intuitive and taught me a lot. I started using my own tarot cards, bought for me by her on a regular basis and often found myself reading for friends and family, with startlingly accurate predictions. I was able to look deeper into their life path and focus on what could be achieved. As well as finding out more specifics for them on various topics, ranging from their love lives and career. I had a very interest experience with another family friend and found out some truths about her love life that she had failed to discover elsewhere. My reading for her was so accurate that she felt obliged to tell her friends and soon, at the age of 18, I had 100+ regular clients! People come to me for insight on their every aspect of their lives and I happily use my various tools and natural abilities to read or them. I read psychically and often have psychic intervention in my readings where I pick up things I could not possibly have known otherwise and I have continued to develop my skills throughout my past. I consider myself a specialist I love and relationships readings and providing career focused readings helping you to find the answers you seek the most. I am accurate, professional and insightful. 

What do you like most about giving readings to clients?

I really enjoy being able to give my clients a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction after their reading. I especially enjoy bringing good and reaffirming news to the client and giving them a clear picture of what lies ahead for them in the coming months. I focus on many different tarot spreads and use a combination of methods to seek the answers that my clients desire. I am able to provide a whole and comprehensive reading for my clients and pick up on their psychic energy to look into issues for them on a deeper issue to help them to resolve them. Many of my clients are absolutely delighted with the readings that I give, with regards to the accuracy and positive information they receive. I also appeal to many clients due to my many different skills, enabling them to get the most out of their reading. 

How would you say you are typical of your star sign?

Pisces are naturally intuitive, emotionally connective and psychic. I am able to use these qualities to add a sense of empathy to my clients’ situations and knowledge and psychic awareness to help them find a solution to these issues. Pisces are very emotional creatures and are able to sense a wide depth of emotions in others and respond accordingly. This benefits my clients greatly as a lot of my clients want to feel really 'connected' with the reader and as a water sign, I am able to tap deep into my intuitive and emotional side to really give some emotional depth and accuracy to the readings, with a huge sense of empathy. 

When do you remember being first aware of your gift?

I remember doing tarot readings as a teenager and being able to tap into clients’ situations. I started using the cards regularly and started reading up on psychic ability, giving myself little tests as I went. I would read for friends and family, then developed my gift throughout my twenties and discovered different ways of reading, for example, Angel cards, different tarot decks, clairvoyancy etc. I realised that these all naturally came to me. And so I focused on developing them more. 

What is your most memorable experience with a client?

I once read for a client who was worried she was about to lose her home. She was concerned as the home had been in the family for generations and she had lived there most of her life. Her life had been somewhat of an uphill struggle as late and so she came to me looking for some inspiration. I am a very honest reader and didn't want to give her any false hope, but as soon as I started reading I felt there was something special happening in the background of her life. I consulted the cards for her and also tapped into her intuitively. I realised that she was going to be experiencing a gift coming to her of some sorts. I told her that I didn't see her losing her home and that in fact, there was a huge surprise coming her way! She was understandably a little unbelieving of this advice, but took the reading in a good natured way. Two weeks later I received a phone call from her to tell me she had in fact been waiting for a payout from an ex business partner, that she thought would never come to fruition. Turns out the business had been doing very well and the business partner was ordered to pay her out a large sum! Not only was she able to keep the house, but also had a bit left over for a well-deserved holiday. She was nonetheless delighted with the reading and I continued to read for her for many more years. 

What other experiences or qualifications do you have that you feel compliment your work as a reader?

I am naturally intuitive and psychic. I have studied the cards for many years, with many different decks and can read on many different issues. I have a lot of natural counselling experience as well, which helps to complement my readings. I am a natural empath and pick up on others emotions and insecurities easily and can relate my clients’ questions to finding an excellent solution. 

What is the most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading?

Quite simply, there has to be a good connection. I will often advise a client to re visit me at a later date if I feel that the connection isn't there. I also feel that clients need to be open minded to readings, you may see your path going one way, but readers can often see different and often more exciting paths opening up to you! There also has to be an element of trust between client and reader and an ability to be open about what questions they need answering. 

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What our customers say about Sophie

I'm always a bit nervous about trying a new reader but I needn't have worried with Sophie. She gave me a lovely clear reading with plenty of validations. Will be back to update on predictions. Lady with the cold! Mx

- N/A

5th December 2016

Sophie as a reader is as gorgeous as you look in picture. Such a deep and insightful reading. Picked up on his thoughts and personality spot on. Validated. Shame we got cut off. I could speak to u forever . Will be back and will google what u asked me too. Soon u will be hard to get hold of. Thanks xx K

- na

2nd December 2016

I love this lady is amazing I called her 2 times and I was impressed how quick she pick up the situation without me telling her anything , few things already happen . Easy to talk to with really worm energy . Thank you for reading 😀

- Karolina

23rd November 2016

I had my second reading with Sophie today ( Nov. 20/16 ) and as usual she never failed to validate the things that i needed to clear about, thank you for your uplifting reading about work for me and my daughter and her b.f. you just made my day and i will be calling you back to give you updates. Hugs to you....

- n/a

20th November 2016

I thought I would try a new reader and wow this lady is amazing. She went straight into the issue I am struggling with. Its always nice to have laugh during your reading whilst still remaining professional and empathetic. This is a really good reader, you wont be disappointed. Love and Light :)

- N/A

16th November 2016

Accurately picked up on characters and past, and gave clear guidance for what to expect in future. Thank you so much :) xx

- michelle

14th November 2016

You was so right x

- Andrea

14th November 2016

Had a great reading tonight, Sophie mentioned my sons dads name which we have not heard from or seen in over 15 years! looking forward to the predictions coming true. Sophie is a lovely reader and I will be back for further readings x

- j

11th November 2016

Lovely reader, VERY GOOD!

- N/A

6th November 2016

Lovely honest reading from Sophie, 1st reading with her and I was very impressed. So much detail. Looking forward to speaking with you again. Thank you so much you


4th November 2016

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