Clairvoyant Readings

A number of our readers have Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient abilities, and can connect to the spirit world and communicate with those who are no longer here.

Probably the most well known psychic ability, Clairvoyance comes from the French term to mean ‘clear vision’ and is the ability to see things in the mind’s eye that are not physically there, be it people, animals or objects.

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Clairaudience, literally meaning ‘clear hearing’, is the ability to hear things that others can’t, including the voices and thoughts of spirits.

Clairsentience, which means ‘clear feeling’, is the ability to feel things that other people cannot feel. Clairsentient readers can sense the feelings and emotions of spirits, understand the message they are receiving, and pass it on.

We have chosen all of our Clairvoyants for their empathetic and compassionate personalities, which we feel is a very important quality that is needed when giving Clairvoyant readings.