Has 2012 been a productive year? Are we prepared for 2013? Here is what has been going on and also, what to expect for the New Year.

As we approach the end of 2012 we can only wish to carry positive thoughts and wishes through to the New Year. Many of us may have experienced dramatic changes and shifts throughout the year that have left us feeling as though we have no place to rest. There may have been uncertainty, power struggles and just a complete lack of clarity.

As great shifts have taken place in our universe we may have been feeling helpless and things may almost seem relentless, but the good news is, is that these shifts are preparing us for better times ahead and you may have come to your own recognition that 2012 has indeed been the year for careful consideration to both our lifestyles and our actions.
The recent connection with Venus, the planet of love and Saturn, the planet of grounding merging into Scorpio has perhaps made us feel deeply connected to something that we can’t quite place our finger on. There may be an air of mystery around and a desire to take control of situations that are making us feel vulnerable.

You could find yourself with an “all or nothing attitude” with Venus/Saturn Scorpio or you may just want to investigate every last detail, digging below the surface to find out the details, no matter how ugly. With Mars conjunct Pluto in Capricorn any decisions we make are bound to be final, business like and professional. You may even wonder why you have such a strong need to prove yourself with this placement.

Mars conjunct Pluto can make us want to fight for what we feel belongs to us. Our money, our love life, our sense of pride, and because the energy is in Capricorn it is all about what might be practical or sensible. So, if you have found yourself at war with business or love then at least you know why. We can also expect sudden changes that we really didn’t see coming!

Any decisions you do make could also end in an unexpected riot with Mars/Pluto, so, it may be time to hedge your bets and think about serious heart to hearts before taking action as Uranus, the planet of shock and unpredictability has also been making a square (challenge) to Pluto, the planet of transformation.

We might try and sustain a positive mindset in this case so we can start the year of 2013 with a cool breeze to align our thinking patterns – meditation is perfect, or any activity that can help to ground us. In fact, this should be the perfect time for clarity as we approach the end of December as the Full Moon for this year ends on the last Friday as it began back in January with Cancer. The constellation of Cancer makes connections with the past and is attuned to watery emotions and takes care of those that need to be nurtured.

This will be a great time for heightened awareness along with completions and endings. It may cause us to think hard about what has gone on throughout 2012 marking  the parts we have enjoyed and the parts that we wish to let go of . Interestingly the Full Moon in Cancer will be opposite Pluto this time, so again we are looking at intense feelings and transformations we have been through this year. You might feel like a hermit with a torch as you enter the year of 2013 but be sure to shine that torch brightly over new opportunities that await.
We will also be entering the year of the black snake in Chinese astrology! Sounds deceiving? It’s not actually that bad! Although the snake is a studious creature he is also quiet and reflective not to mention clever! Therefore the snake is usually a sign of steady progress as he focuses on discipline so that he can achieve and create. The start of the Snake will initiate February 10th, just after the New Moon in Aquarius.

Aquarius being the sign of invention, and humanitarianism is the perfect time to really think about what it is you want to achieve, as this energy along with the snake will combine a safe path way for you to walk on so that you can express your views and concerns, which may be disciplined and political.  Someone should really listen as Saturn will be forming a harmonious relationship with Mercury, the planet of communications and feedback. Meanwhile there is a connection with Neptune (feeling) and Chiron (Our wounded healer) so this will certainly back us up and protect us, as we all need that extra bit of support.
Although new projects and ideas are greatly welcomed in 2013 along with much investigation, it may be useful for you to remember that there could well be a few clowns around! Representing the year of the snake – snakes are sneaky! You could find yourself surrendering to subtle manipulation or you, yourself could even create a new role for this type of behaviour. Forewarned is forearmed - this sure can be a time for craftiness and secrets in a very cunning way.
On the other hand, many of us will want to explore our spirituality. Mythology suggests that the snake represents healing so that a spiritual outlook can be formed, so another plus for 2013 is about removing obstacles and blockages. We are thinking “Nice and easy changes” and steady transformations here.
People born the year of the Snake are usually attracted to dark colours or all that is mysterious and glamorous which can unify an untold beauty, so you could find yourself feeling rather attracted to the unusual or purchasing materials with deep, contrasting colours.
People born under the year of the snake usually carry with them the following characteristics, which may well help you to build upon a bigger picture so that you are well prepared for the year of 2013.
The Snake itself ranks sixth of all the animals of the Chinese zodiac. Many people with Snake personalities have qualities about them that are mysterious and also intuitive. They may have an esoteric knowledge that they hold tightly to the vest. They also represent the symbol of wisdom, so their knowledge is very personal and precious to them. They hold much diligence and are respected for their thinking and ideas. They also like to indulge in material and must posses the best and only the best!!!

Wishing you all the best for the New Year,

With love and light x x x x 


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