Enlighten your mood with the essential oils!

Some useful information about scents and oils to help you on your spiritual journey

Essential oils are known as one of the most ancient  medicines and have been  revered throughout history. They are highly concentrated aromatic liquids found in flowers, trees, shrubs, roots, bushes, seeds, and are even said to be  found in certain fruits. They have many different characteristics which are said to set and enhance our general mood level. They also have a reputation for being powerful immune enhancers and are used in many different cultures as healing tonics.
[1]Even records dating back to 4500 B.C. describe the use of sensual substances with aromatic properties for both religious rituals and medical applications. Ancient writings also speak about scented barks, resins, spices and aromatic vinegars, wines and beers that were used in rituals, temples, astrology, embalming and medicine. 

It was actually the Egyptians that were said to be masters in using essential oils and other aromatic oils as records indicate that one of the founders of "pharaonic" medicine was the architect Imhotep, who was the Grand Vizier of King Djoser (2780 - 2720 B.C.).  Imhotep is often given credit for ushering in the use of oils, herbs and aromatic plants for medicinal purposes, so when you feel like burning your favourite essence or lighting a candle with a sweet sense it may enlighten you to remember how these oils were once so cherished, allowing ourselves to let go of technology and work pressures  and instead imagine a life with just the pure essentials.

We may not think of oils as healers but interestingly scent is considered to have a powerful influence over our moods which initiates shifts in the mind , enabling us to feel at ease and here is why:
[2]When an aroma enters the nose, it comes in contact with the cilia, those tiny hairs located inside the nostrils. There are receptors in the cilia that are linked to the olfactory bulb, a structure found in the brains of vertebrates that processes information about odors. A key part of the neural system responsible for the sense of smell, this structure is located at the end of the smelling tract and is connected to the brain. All these impulses reach the limbic system, that part of the brain with which our moods, emotions, memory, and learning are associated. All the smells that reach the limbic system have a direct chemical effect on our state of mind. It is easy to see in this case why so many therapists use oils when working with their clients.
 There are many different types of oils however and many vary in price and quality so it is always important to check with an aromatherapy expert first as to which one is best for you.
Bach remedies for example can help to relax with stress or phobias, whereas pure essential oils can be used to create a harmonious living space or for peace of mind when performing readings or rituals. So depending o n what you are aspiring towards it is helpful for you to learn about the different aromas on both a personal and professional level.
Oils and remedies

Bach flower remedies
Bach flower remedies are dilutions of flower material and were developed by  a pathologist and homeopath, Edward Bach. The idea is that they aid with emotional and spiritual growth.  After feeling dissatisfied with a series of bad treatments Edward Bach himself aspired towards a more holistic approach and took an offer for a post at Royal London Homoeopathic  Hospital.
Here is how he describes his remedies:

[3]"They are able, like beautiful music, or any gloriously uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our Souls: and by that very act bring us peace and relieve our sufferings"
Bach remedies are a wonderful way to restore lost faith and enhance a dull mood. But remember they all have very specific labels for specific states of mind , so always be sure to check first.
Essential oills
 [4]Essential oils derived from various section of plants an are generally extracted by distillation . They have become hugely popular in recent years.  The oils can be used for a variety of different things such as baths, foot baths, massages, aromatherapy, fragrances, water compressors and many more. It is important to note however that many oils and fragrances can be bought on line or in stores but are not necessarily pure, the best quality products should leave you feeling pleasantly relaxed and calm. When thinking about purchasing an oil always use your intuition which is the first thought that comes into your mind – You may even just like the sound of a particular oil, but essentially it is a good idea to explore spiritual stores, books and networks in order to arrive at a sensible choice.
The common essential oils are:

Orange – to stimulate the imagination
Peppermint – to gain clarity
Lavender – to relax
Cedar wood – for structure
Ylang -ylang – for balance
Spearmint  - to heighten senses
Clove – to ground

 Helpful Tips 
  • If you are wishing to find an oil that is very pure then it may be wise to search under “organic and pure”
  • If you can not decide which oil to buy, go into a store and try out the testers which allow you to sniff before you buy
  • Oils are a fantastic way to set the perfect atmosphere for a nice evening. You can even by an oil for romance! Just search under “romance oil”.
  • See your essential oil search as a new spiritual journey, you may well come to notice that certain oils or aromas get you in the mood and motivate you for different types of activities
Remember: You can have fun with oils in many different ways:
  • Add them to a bath
  • Use them for a massage treat
  • Burn them in an oil burner
  • Add a drop to your pillow at night
  • Clear the energy in a room
  • Change the energy in a room
Happy experimenting!
With love and light  x x x 


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