What Does Your Aura Say About You?

A look at the different coloured auras and their spiritual meanings.

What is an aura?

All living things have an aura, a field of powerful energy that surrounds every person, animal and object. A person’s aura can say a lot about them; it can signify the state of a person’s health, mental state, their personality or distinctive traits, and their moods.

The ability to read auras is a strong psychic skill that enables psychics to read and gather much information about you and your life. Having a psychic read your aura can be extremely useful and can reveal a lot of information you may not have been aware of. Learning to read auras can take some time, but a simple way to practice is on yourself. Find somewhere with soft lighting, and place your hand against a large piece of white paper. Look at your hand and the space around it, letting your eyes relax and fall slightly out of focus. You should begin to see a haze or light around your hand. With practice, you will begin to notice the colours that make up your aura.

Auras are made up made up of varying colours, and each colour has its own spiritual meaning. Below is a guide to what each aura means, and what the colour of your aura says about you.

What does your aura say about you?

Red - Red is the colour of passion and power. It is a bold colour and the sign of will power, energy, and strong emotions. If the aura is a clear, bright red, it reflects strong feelings of love. If the aura is more of dull red, it may represent a quick temper, somebody who is easy to anger and feels strong feelings of hate.

Orange - Orange is a particularly warm colour that represents warmth, kindness and thoughtfulness. An orange aura reflects courage, joy, and strong self knowledge and discipline. The duller shade of orange can represent somebody who has troubles with anxiety

Yellow - Yellow is the colour of mental activity, and a bright yellow aura is the sign of somebody who takes good care of themselves, both physically and mentally. They are wise, creative, and eager to learn. A dimmer yellow represents quite a shy person who possibly overthinks a little and is overly critical of themselves.

Green - Green is the colour of calm, and reflects somebody who is extremely sensitive and empathetic to those around them. Somebody with a bright green aura is naturally reliable and dependable. A darker green aura can indicate somebody with quite a jealous nature, who isn’t quite sure of themselves, and shuts other people out for what they believe is their own good.

Blue - Blue is the colour of communication and truth. A bright, clear blue represents somebody who in inherently honest and displays good judgement. An aura that is a deeper blue indicates that somebody is loneliness and somebody who is prone to bouts of moodiness or depression.

Purple or Indigo - Purple is an extremely spiritual colour, belonging to somebody who is seeking something in life that is bigger than they are. Somebody with a purple aura is philosophical and their heart and head are constantly in the spiritual world.
White - White is the colour of purity and innocence. Somebody who has a white aura may be trying to purify and cleanse themselves. An off-white aura may reflect somebody who feels tainted.

Brown - A brown aura reflects somebody who is very earthy, and in touch with nature. If the aura is stronger around the head, it could represent somebody who is in the middle of growth, whereas if it is stronger around the feet, it shows that the person is grounded and is laying down roots.

Black - A black aura has both positive and negative meanings. Black is the colour of protection, however if could represent somebody is hiding a secret for the purpose of deceiving another.

Have you ever had your aura read by a psychic? Or are you perhaps practiced in reading your own? What does your aura say about you? Let us know in the comments below!


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