A Sacred Space at Home

How to get the most spiritual fulfillment out of your living space.

A Sacred Space at home
When you close the front door behind you at the end of a long day, you want to feel relaxed and secure. Home should be your personal sacred space. This doesn't mean you have to be tidy and organised at all times - it just means that your home should be a place where you and your family feel happy and at ease.

In ancient times, people believed that each dwelling had its own spirit, called a 'genius loci' or 'spirit of the place', which had the power to protect the home and the family within it. Every house, from the grandest palace to the humblest hut, was thought to be protected by its own spirit. Continuing this tradition of recognising your home as a sacred space, there are plenty of spiritual tips and tricks for creating a positive environment at home.
Space clearing
If you feel tired or drained at home, it may help to space clear your house. This is a method of cleaning out all the negative energy from a place and making way for positive energy to enter. Negative energy may accumulate from strong emotions expressed in a room or from unspoken negative thoughts and feelings.

You can spring clean your space by opening the windows to let the stale energy escape. Clap your hands loudly in each corner of the home upstairs and downstairs to get the energy moving. Visualise the negative energy rushing out and the positive energy flowing inside.
Alternatively, you can use an incense stick to turn the negative into positive. Lavender or cedar-scented incense sticks are a good choice. Walk with the incense throughout your home. Repeat, 'Be cleansed and clean; my home is filled with light and love', as you walk around the rooms. Carry the incense over a plate so you don't drop any burning bits on the floor.
Salt is known for its magical cleansing properties. Sprinkle a few grains of rock salt or sea salt around the entrance points and window frames of your home to attract good vibes into your home.
At work
Cleanse your office space, discreetly, with a simple visualisation. Imagine negative energy as grey smoke dispelling and disappearing into the ground and positive energy as a bright blue light filling your work space. Put plants on your desk to zap bad vibes, prickly plants such as a cactus is said to repel negative energy from stressed colleagues. Clear quartz crystals may absorb heavy energy from your computer and other electrical devices.
Transform your home
Try these practical tips for making your home a happier more magical place.
The gateway between one space and another is an importance place to focus positive intentions. Hang a coin above your front door to attract prosperity or pin up an angel charm to acknowledge your openness to these spiritual beings. A knot of ivy or rosemary on your door signifies protection.
Spiritual Space
If you have the space in your home, set aside a designated area for spiritual practice, such as meditation, prayer or rituals. Choose a quiet spot where you can take a few moments out of the whirl of daily activities to make time for meditation, prayer or rituals. Make the space comfy and inviting - somewhere you want to spend time.
Even if you don't have much space at home, you can still create a spiritual area by making a little altar. Find a small side table in a charity shop or make a simple structure yourself or put a cloth over a wooden box. The important thing is to raise your altar off the ground. Fill the table with objects that are meaningful to you. Perhaps put on the altar photos of loved ones, natural forms like shells, pine cones and flowers, or keepsakes from days out - anything that evokes happy memories. Use your imagination to create something personal. The altar in your home will be a constant reminder of your spirituality.
Dark crystals like smoky quartz are said to absorb negative energy, so place them around doorways. Use clear quartz point as a general cleansing stone to counter-act electrical pollution from your TV and computer. A big chunk of rose quartz promotes a loving environment so is a good choice to dot around the home. Change the crystals you use according to the atmosphere you hope to achieve. Black onyx is good for protection, while amethyst may encourage you to speak with wisdom during a family debate. Remember to cleanse your crystals regularly under the cold tap.
Photographs or paintings are great for evoking a mood or feeling in a room. Smiling photos of you and your partner or family will keep happy memories present in your home. Paintings or prints of natural scenes or abstracts of bright colours will set the tone for a space. For instance, a deep red flower image may spark conversation over dinner, while a calming blue ocean image is more suited for a child's bedroom.


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