Feng Shui Articles

Discover Feng Shui Colours

Have you ever felt more confident when wearing your lucky red shoes or red shirt? The energy of colour has a powerful effect on the human psyche. It can influence your subconscious to feel a certain way and attract the energy you need to you. ...

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How To Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

Fortunately, bringing more positive energy into your living space is not difficult to do. ...

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Christmas Feng Shui

A look at how to place Christmas decorations and what colours to use to maximise Feng Shui power. ...

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Spring Clean Your Life This March Equinox

Spring is here and now is the time to contemplate our lives, to see what is going right, and what is in need of a fresh, new start ...

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The Power of Feng Shui

Harmonise your home with this ancient Chinese art of earth divination ...

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A Sacred Space at Home

How to get the most spiritual fulfillment out of your living space. ...

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Making a home a haven

A little something to inspire you! ...

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Experience peace and harmony by altering your room

Hints and Tips about positive energies - Feng Shui and Si Chi. ...

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