Feeding the Soul

Sparkle and Shine!

Laughter is said to be the sunshine of the soul, it helps us to relax and it helps us to grow. Every now and then we all need a small boost and feeding our souls is a fantastic way to revitalise our energy levels. Feeding your soul means doing something for you. Something that makes you feel good or something that makes you feel as if you have achieved something. The more good we put into our souls, the more we can then give out and if you are a spiritual person then it is vital that you take good care of your soul.
We are all such lively spirits with an interesting story to tell. If we imagine that the earth is our food then we can begin to see that everything we absorb from the earth has an impact on how we go about our daily lives. We can soon begin to understand a little more about the way we think and feel. We all want to feel harmony and bathe in the wholeness that we feel when someone makes us feel special but in order to do that we need to look after ourselves first and make sure that our souls are well fed, if we feel empty inside then we may not feel like helping others or cooperating as much.
It may be a good idea to think about what we take in from the universe on a daily basis. For example, if the sun is shining do you go out and enjoy it? Even if it’s for a few minutes, we need to make time for ourselves - a small sunbeam can make a huge difference to a grumpy mind!
Many of us don’t think about our souls because it is not something that is visible to the human eye but every time we retreat and go inwards or feel pain or love we are automatically connecting with our souls. Our souls are the essences and vibes that fill the air and atmosphere around us, they are the magical energies that we feel and respond to sub consciously. We are all energy transmitters and in order to get the best out of our souls we must first choose to believe in ourselves, allowing ourselves to then connect with the universe so that we can absorb some of the wonder and magic that it has to offer us. There are many ways which we can feed our souls and we can do this daily so that we feel at ease and more inclined to participate in activity.
How to feed the soul:
Pay attention to your sensory receptors – your heart, ears, eyes and sense of smell.
Sit in a quiet space, a garden is perfect. Listen to your heart, what are you feeling?
Then listen with your ears – what are you hearing? Open your eyes like you’ve never seen before – what do you see? What do you visualise?
Don’t think too hard when working with your senses or your chakras, just note the first thought that comes into your mind. Note it down and reflect.
Cleanse your chakras!

It is possible for our chakras to get blocked if we take on too much work or spend too much time worrying. Work with the seven colours by grounding yourself first with the root chakra which is Red in colour and then work up visualising a clear white light cleansing each one and making it shiny and new.

Orange - Sacral
Yellow - Solar plexus
Green - Heart
Blue - Throat
Purple - Third Eye
Violet - Crown
 Affirm, affirm, affirm!

Communicate with yourself! Ask yourself how you are feeling? This is one of the best self help remedies because if you know how you feel within yourself then you have the ability to change the feelings or energies that you don’t need.  Affirm how you want to feel within yourself, this way you are more likely going to attract what you need daily.
“I feel at ease with myself and those around me, I feel protected and loved, I feel able to respond to those around me”.


Many of us feel unable to function due to emotions that we tend to cling onto that distort our view. Crying helps to cleanse the soul so that you can put the goodness back into it that you need. After a storm the world always seems much calmer – the human condition works in a very similar way.
 Use crystals
Crystals provide us with the energy we need and have tremendous healing properties. Amethyst in particular  is a stone that is well known for putting that little something back into our souls and making it sparkle and glimmer. It is also calming and relaxing and is also known to help aid sleep. The stone is purple in colour, watch it sparkle in your hands and feel the energy vibrations seep into your soul making you feel amazing!
With love and light x  x x


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