Do you have a psychic bond with your pet?

Some information about the sensitivity and connectivity of humans and animals

As many of you may already be aware animals tend to have a sense that is beyond our knowledge and most of us that connect well with our pets notice routines that they draw themselves into without being completely aware. It is very easy to condition animals as they rely on our energy and nurturing so much that they begin to take on facets of our personality.

We can condition an animal by tempting food and usually they do what we want if they know that a piece of food comes into the equation! However it is important to note that animals also pick up on their surroundings and feed of peoples’ emotions and feelings. They can radiate warmth and understanding without you actually realising and most animal lovers will find it strange when they enter a house that doesn’t have any animals in it. Animals are extremely sensitive to our needs and desires.
For example cats often rely on intersection or at any rate on a place with very strong negative radiation. Basically they are able to absorb radiations that humans can’t and discharge them again in open air and they often thrive in spots that are unfavourable to people because they can draw on a particular energy and let it go, so it almost works like a cleansing process, cats in particular are well known for this and his is exactly the reason why many animals such as cats/dogs will sit near you or next to you during times of malady. To a degree they are natural healers and this is the very reason why spiritual people are drawn to animals – because they are both on the same wavelength. Although cats and dogs can not communicate in the same way as humans, their general nature often speaks louder than words.
If you are very close to your pet then you may have already started to notice some signs.
For example many dogs/cats know when you are due home, usually before you actually arrive!
It may be five minutes or so before you car pulls into the driveway and their ears will have started to prop up and they will readily be waiting by the door for your entrance. They can often smell danger too before it happens and this can be a great way to determine whether or not something is actually worth pursuing or not. For example, you may have a guest round for dinner you are unsure about, if you take note of the way your pet acts towards this guest it may well help you to determine whether or not your instincts were right in the first place.

Note: Does your pet shy away from the guest? Sniff the guest? Or even growl at the guest? In most circumstances if your pet feels your guest is good company for you then he/she will sit near the guest or continuously sniff the guest in some way. If they do not like the guest then they will abandon the guest all together. Remember that cats in particular choose who they want to accompany, you don’t choose them whereas dogs have a habit of pleasing and entertaining but not always. If you connect very well with dogs and also own a dog you may find that you respond to unexpected visitors in the same way, quite often we telepathically communicate with our pets without even realising it. Your pet will be able to pick up on your body language.

Animals also have a heightened sense of smell and can actually smell fear when it rises to the surface, dogs in particular will bark aggressively when they smell danger or distrust. Cats on the other hand will simply vanish when danger is near but they will brush up against you, marking their territory (usually across the back of the legs) to let you know that they trust and believe in you, as again cats go via their sense of smell to determine whether or not they are safe.
If you feel very connected to your pet and feel that you have a special bond you may want to spend time letting them know that you feel the same way because believe it or not our animals can act like guardian angels in times of great emotional distress.
How do you know if you have a special bond with your pet?
  • He/she sits with you when you feel low
  • You often find yourself thinking about your pet when you should be doing something else
  • You smile when you think of your pet
  • You feel happiest when you are with your pet
  • Your pet greets you every time you walk through the door
  • It sticks closely by you or arrives unusually out of the scene when strangers enter the house
  • You wonder where your pet is and suddenly they turn up
  • You constantly feel as if your pet is trying to communicate with you in some form
  • Your dog/horse when out walking or riding will insist on going a different route to avoid danger
If you answered yes to a few of these then it is likely that you do have a strong psychic connection with your animals and these statements may well have helped you to confirm that. 
Never worry about your animal, just nurture its needs and take care of it and it will do the same for you. :)
With love and light x x x x x x x


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