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12 Magical Flowers To Transform Your Home

You can see fields and gardens full of flowers in full bloom and glowing with bright colour, at this time of year. The delicate petals attached to each slender stem flutter with an array of dazzling shades from bold red, soft pink, soothing white and more ...

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Sensing Spirits In Your Space

Many people have sensed the presence of spirits in their home or environment. Have you ever felt a tingle down your spine as you walk into a room, or thought you heard voices when you know that no one is there? ...

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Get In Tune With Nature To Enhance Your Spirituality

Your environment can reduce or increase the amount of stress that impacts on your life. Everything that you feel, see, hear, sense and touch outside of your own personal physical space effects your mind, body and spirit. ...

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10 Signs of Gaslighting or Emotional Abuse

Does your relationship feel like a constant battle? Is your partner always putting you down? Perhaps you are beginning to see your partner's critical behaviour as your new normal? If so, you could be a victim of gaslighting. ...

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Common Psychic Terminology Explained!

Struggling to understand some of the words and terminology used by Psyhics? We exaplain the meaning of commonly used psychic medium terminology. ...

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7 Ways to a Spiritual Spring

You can use the inspiration and power of this fresh-start season to clean and clear out areas of your life, making room for new energy to propel you forward to greater successes. ...

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Find Your Birthstone

A sparkling crystal just for you! Your birthstone is a gemstone linked to the month of your birth. Look to use your Birth stone to help unblock negative energies and give you a daily boost! ...

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How To Have The Life You Want Now

The New Year is just around the corner - But don't wait another day to make positive changes in your life! ...

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Be more Buddha - Positive Zen Habits To Change Your Life

Simplifying your life has many benefits. Not only do you minimise stress, but you also improve the quality of your wellbeing and life. ...

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How Old Is Your Soul?

Have you ever been told you're an old soul? Or perhaps you have the youthful zest for life of a new soul? Everyone on the planet is on a soul journey to evolve spiritually by learning and growing in qualities such as empathy, wisdom and kindness. ...

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Star Lover

With the glitz and glamour of the festive party season approaching, your thoughts are probably turning to love and romance. This most magical time of year is the ideal season to find a new love, or to cosy up with a long-term partner. ...

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Toxic Types You Should Stay Away From

There are several personality types that possess emotional vampire tendencies. Being around these people can be highly draining for you, particularly if you are sensitive and empathetic. ...

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