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10 Crystals For Prosperity

Prosperity is something everyone wants, yet it can prove frustratingly elusive! Of course the route to prosperity is through hard work, perseverance and determination. But there's also an extra element involved in achieving prosperity. It's called luck! ...

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Fancy a Fresh Start? Gemini Moon Magic!

How do you fancy a fresh start in life? Well, the astrological influence of a New Moon offers you the chance of just that. ...

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What's Your Star Quality?

Are you a dynamic self-starter, a productive hard worker, or a flexible innovator? Astrology can reveal where your talents are strongest! The twelve signs of the zodiac are traditionally grouped into three categories, called qualities. ...

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Find Your Birthstone

A sparkling crystal just for you! Your birthstone is a gemstone linked to the month of your birth. Look to use your Birth stone to help unblock negative energies and give you a daily boost! ...

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Getting Away From It All When You Can't Escape

Very few people have the luxury of being able to take time out whenever they feel the need to escape. Jobs, childcare and general life responsibilities tend to get in the way of enjoying the freedom of carefree living. ...

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Are You Living Your Purpose?

There are many people who live life believing that there is a reason for everything. The belief that we all have a purpose, and are here on Earth to make a difference is usually the driving force behind wanting to know what your life purpose really is. ...

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What's So Great About Holistic Living?

The concept of holistic living presents an attractive lifestyle option for many stressed out, super busy people these days. ...

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8 Ways to Bust out of your Comfort Zone

Do you dream about achieving more from life? If you want to see improvements and increased successes, you have to step out of your comfort zone! It's about blazing your own trail through life instead of sticking to your regular formula. ...

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14 Signs You Are A Natural Healer

Being a healer is one of the most important callings in life because you are helping others in a direct and impactful way. If you think you might be a natural healer, you should try to develop your gift by using it whenever you can. ...

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Get Yourself Back In Alignment

March 20 is the International Day of Happiness. If you've been feeling a little down or off recently, this is the perfect time to get yourself back in alignment. ...

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Fun Ways To Satisfy That Empty Feeling

Not everyone feels ecstatically upbeat and happy all of the time. Sometimes you may be feeling out of sorts, or at a loss, for no particular reason. ...

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Wake-up your Spiritual Side

We all know there's more to life than work and money, but how much time do you spend thinking about the spiritual side of life? ...

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