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Birthcharts: What Are Nodes in Astrology?

At Psychic Sofa, our experts in nodes astrology can help you make sense of your birthchart. Learn more about nodes in astrology here. ...

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What Does Your Lilith Sign Say About You?

Psychic Sofa offers psychic and astrological readings on a number of topics like love and wealth. Learn more about your lilith sign and what it means for you here. ...

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Fancy a Fresh Start? Gemini Moon Magic!

How do you fancy a fresh start in life? Well, the astrological influence of a New Moon offers you the chance of just that. ...

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Get Astro Active!

Having a hobby or activity you enjoy benefits your mind, body and soul. Your chosen activity should be something that makes you feel joyful and fulfilled. ...

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What's Your Star Quality?

Are you a dynamic self-starter, a productive hard worker, or a flexible innovator? Astrology can reveal where your talents are strongest! The twelve signs of the zodiac are traditionally grouped into three categories, called qualities. ...

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New Year Celebrations Around The World

On 31st December, people around the world unite to say goodbye to the last 365 days and to welcome in the New Year. Due to the variable time zones, celebrations and festivities take place at different times across the globe. ...

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Mischievous Mercury This December!

What mercury's retrograde might bring for you and your Star Sign! ...

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Change Your Life with a New Moon Abundance Cheque

A look at the tradition of New Moon Abundance Cheques, and how they can help attract positive energy to your life. ...

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Friday the 13th and a Full Moon!

Today is Friday the 13th and a full moon together, a day which is believed to be doubly unlucky. ...

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Change Your Life This Easter

Easter is a celebration of rebirth and new beginnings, so take the chance to get a fresh start this April. ...

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An Astrology Guide to the Planets

Discover how the energy of the planets in our solar system influences life on Earth ...

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