How To Enjoy The Best January Ever

To avoid falling into a winter slump, there are many things that you can do to boost your enjoyment of the start of a new year.

January can be a tough month to get through, so how can you make this your best January ever?

Seasonal depression (otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder, or SAD) spikes in January and has a habit of hanging around until the end of March. To avoid falling into a winter slump, there are many things that you can do to boost your enjoyment of the start of a new year.

Seize The Moment

Don’t wait for better, and warmer weather to enjoy all of the opportunities that you have at your disposal. If you’re naturally an outdoorsy person, seize the moment and explore nature in its magical wintery form. Wrap up in cosy layers of warmth and fill a flask up with your favourite hot beverage. Take a leisurely stroll in an environment that makes you feel happy to be alive. Admire the colours and textures of winter in a park or woodland setting. If you pay attention you’ll be able to spot signs of all of the creatures that love this time of the year.

Get Experimental

Winter is a great time to get experimental in the kitchen. There’s nothing better than feasting on deliciously warming comfort foods when it’s bitterly cold outside. Get out your cookbooks and rustle up hearty stews and casseroles that the whole family will love to tuck into. If you’ve always wanted to try baking bread, or conjuring up your own culinary creations, make the most of your time indoors throughout the month of January.

Become An Optimist

If you were a little extravagant over the Christmas holidays you are likely to be feeling the pinch come January. Don’t let a lack of funds bring you down though. Adopt an optimistic outlook and get creative with your socialising and entertaining ideas and plans. You can have plenty of fun with friends and family, without having to raid your piggy bank.

Plan a movie marathon night, a pamper party, or a game playing get-together where everyone can contribute food, drinks and other items. Whilst you enjoy a bonding experience with loved ones, you’ll also be able to share the cost in ways that benefit everyone. 

Lift Off The Layers

There’s something about the quiet and stillness of winter that really enhances moments of reflection and contemplation. Make some time for yourself this month, and get to know the real you. Hidden beneath all the layers of your personality, and the labels that people have put on you, is your authentic self. Meditation can help you lift off the layers to reveal your natural playful and confident self. In January, get to know the awesome person that you are.

Make Positive Plans

January is perfect for indulging in some serious daydreaming and wish casting. Whilst you are sitting in your cosy space let your imagination run wild. You can use meditation and visualisation techniques to explore your deepest desires, in love and relationships, and your career and professional life. Set your intentions with purpose if you want to manifest what you want throughout the coming months.

You can also make plans for activities that you want to experience this year. It’s not surprising that the thought of getting away from it all and planning a holiday is one of the most popular things to do in January. Imagine yourself lounging on the sun-kissed beach of an exotic destination, or ticking off one of the must-visit locations that you have on your Bucket List. Travel planning is fun to do, and gives you something fabulous to look forward to.

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