Letting go of negative energy by cord cutting

Learning how to let go with rituals and the help of Archangel Michael

As we approach the end of October, things seem to be speeding up for a lot of people! But many people also seem to be concerned about new relationships, as they are in that awkward “in between” stage where they are getting over past hurts. You may be wondering why things are taking so long. But don’t threat, sometimes we just need to disconnect ourselves a little more from previous attachments.

In order to allow new relationships in we must first learn how to say goodbye to past hurts. You may feel like you have already done this, but sometimes things just stick without us realising. It’s like trying to work in a room full of clutter – you can’t invite people into it or even function properly yourself, because there is no space! This may not even be a past relationship, it could be an argument you’ve had with a sibling or silent treatment with a paternal figure – whichever one, it’s important to let go. Forgiveness allows more freedom into our lives and opens us up to positive experiences. Although it tends to be part of human nature to block out thoughts that don’t make us feel good, eventually we have to face up to them. It’s pretty hard to avoid that black cloud that tends to hover above us, reminding us of our feelings.

It can seem like a daunting experience to face a dark cloud but once you’ve actually gone ahead and burst the cloud and allowed the rain to shower you, you will feel refreshed and ready for new opportunities.
Crying sometimes actually helps too as it works like a cleansing process and allows you to rid pent up emotion and tension. Carrying around tension and distressing thoughts only creates more of the same thing. We are all sensitive beings and we all pick up on each others’ energy. It just takes one person with a negative aura to transfer their energy to the next and we end up with a “domino affect” of negative emotion and reaction towards each other. So feel free to cry! Lots of people cry alone and it’s nothing to be ashamed of, crying is actually a gift if you think of it in logical terms. Think about a really hot day, imagine the atmosphere, it’s clammy, close and intense. You are waiting for a storm and the clouds need to burst – when they finally do the air is much clearer and the Sun begins to shine again – your mind tends to work in exactly the same way!

If you want to practice letting go of past pain then why not try “cord cutting”.

Now, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the word “cord cutting” but this is a great exercise for everyone as it allows them the chance to just simply let go.

So every morning when you wake up you could start a healthy ritual that will take you around five minutes or so to complete. Archangel Michael is well known for cutting cords; he has a strong, powerful energy and will stand by your bedside and help you with the process. All you have to do is ask. You may even wish for Archangel Michael to cut past childhood pain for he is the angel of protection and is often pictured with a sword. You can also ask him to cut away your lower-energy experiences so that you can make way for positive energy experiences. You may even wish to write a list of all the things you wish to acknowledge within yourself that you feel cause pain to your inner world. Sometimes when we carry a lot of inner pain it can blinker us and stop new people from coming in. So if you are wondering why “Mr or Mrs Right” hasn’t come along yet – this could be why. So try the following cleansing process every day and see if it makes a difference.

Every morning when you wake up speak about the things you wish to let go of that you feel are holding you back
Visualise Archangel Michael (it doesn’t matter how you visualise him, as long as you feel connected that is all that matters)
Ask him to cut away the negative thoughts in your life that you no longer need and that no longer serve you purpose. If you need to let go of past relationships then allow Archangel Michael to cut the cords - ask him to cut the cords and see him doing so
Speak: “I now release you and let you go”
Imagine golden light all around you, sheltering you with protection.
Tell yourself: “I am now protected from negative energy”.
Believe it and see the golden light filtering through your system, flushing away all the thoughts that hold you back
Now you are protected and now you are cleansed
Take a deep breath and step out into the amazing world – you are ready for new opportunities and new people


“I welcome new opportunities and people into my life everyday, I am now ready for new experiences”.


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