Can social networking help us with direction?

Some interesting things to think about and inspire you on your networking journey

Nearly all of us have a Facebook or Twitter account these days that allows us to connect with the big wide world, keep in touch with friends and express our thoughts and beliefs. It has also become a critical component in professional networking and both career success and general development.
In essence social networking has been widely accepted as “the norm” over many different social and economic groups worldwide. Not only does it help to shape our beliefs and learn about debate it has also enabled  us to build a wider scope of how humanity thinks, feels and acts. It has also provided us with the chance to meet more people, opening up doors to creativity and inspiration which also includes relationships and spiritual networking.
But perhaps one of the main benefits to social networking is self expression. When we open up and express our ideals we often find that we attract either criticism or praise. Neither one is negative. Criticism and debate allow us to grow internally and praise encourages us to expand a little more eventually leading us to our soul destination. As we begin to stretch and grow our minds become more curious about what else might lie ahead for us which then leads to a natural progression of meeting like minded souls.
Many of us have been lucky enough to meet our soul mate on line and if not then we have met friends or potential love interests. The real beauty is that  if we feel blocked or perhaps uninspired we can simply flick a switch and browse on line to see what’s in store for us, we never know when we are going to hit that lucky break!  [1]According to research by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), 76% of companies said that they do use or are planning to use social media sites for recruiting.

More than half of the employers responding to such sites  said that social networking sites are an efficient way to recruit candidates. We don’t need to worry so much about going through agencies or searching through the recruitment section of a newspaper when online facilities can help us find the right career path.  Networking sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook provide a free and easy way to network with large numbers of people they know and the people that those people know. In particular, LinkedIn allows job seekers to follow the news and job postings of their targeted employers making the search easier.
We can also begin to establish who we are on line. We can become more refined with business and creativity. All you have to do is ask yourself what it is you want to be fully accomplished in? How do you want to be seen? How do you want to be identified? It’s easy to attract people to you , once you know how as the information you put on to social media profiles will eventually serve you justice if done correctly and efficiently enabling you to promote both your talents and your business or brand.
There are also millions of people who  write online journals, blogs or articles that achieve recognition through their chosen field. It is even possible to publish your own book on line! Even if you don’t see a point in starting something new on line and feel the idea is useless  simply search sites under your area of interest and you might suddenly feel inspired.

Remember that if we put our ideas out there with great hope and search with positive intentions we will begin to see steady progress. It’s exciting to think that in reality we have no idea where it might take us, bearing in mind that the internet allows news to travel very quickly. In some cases, people have risen to fame through a single video, speech or event on sites such as youtube and there is no reason why we ourselves cannot achieve a similar level of recognition if we focus our minds enough and channel messages correctly.

Out thoughts and ideas are very important and all too often we let these slip through our fingers because we don’t believe in our gifts enough and as a result choose to close down what our inner worlds are begging for us to hear - Rex Rouis said - “Seeing is not believing. Faith comes by hearing, and seeing comes by believing and acting on what you heard.” So why not expand a little on your hidden talents? There are many doors waiting to be opened and you never know who or what you could meet!

 With love and light x x 


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