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A little something to inspire you!

Many people believe that our homes can reflect who we are. When we walk into someone else’s home we often can not help but be drawn in by the surroundings. We may see objects that we relate to, we may see images and pictures on the wall that tell stories of the person’s character, we may even pick up certain smells or sense energies and general characteristics about the building.
When someone invites you into their home it can be an interesting journey, as not only do we discover something new about the person who has invited us but we also discover a little more about our senses.
No matter what type of house you live in or environment you choose to live under there is always something positive to say about someone’s home. Even if you do not like your home there are numerous ways to spark things up, even if it means changing the curtains, hanging a new picture up on the wall or adding more colour .
If you feel good about your home environment then you will also feel good about yourself. Your home is the place where you let go, relax, out load your worries and most of all, the place where you feel like you can be you without any judgement whatsoever!
So many of us forget to cherish our homes and reward our living space that our homes become full of wasted energy that can leave an unpleasant atmosphere. Simple steps such as opening the windows, drawing the curtains, buying a harmonious air freshener can brighten up the general feeling within the household and make us feel happier in our homely spaces.
Competition, debts and electrical devices again - can put a real downer on finding a good relaxation spot. Our homes should be thanked for protection, privacy and a good grounding base rather than a prison cell or a war zone.  Too often we are more concerned with the latest flat screen, the extension we are thinking about building or the argument we had with our partners.  We may choose to forget that many people don’t even have homes.

However, if we spend at least 5 minutes a day showing gratitude and respect for our homes we will automatically attract the energy that we need to feel in tune with not just ourselves but also the universe – remember, whatever you take out into the world, will come back at you. Your home is like a magnet pit for all sorts of energies, it picks up everything you feel and therefore clings on to you throughout the day so be careful about what you take with you! Whatever you express in the home stays with you, good or bad.
If you want to start working on the individual rooms in your home here are some things that you could try.
First of all, think of each room as a reflection of your personality. For example, perhaps the bedroom expresses your peace of mind, the kitchen your energy, the living room your order and the bathroom your self expression.Think about how you would like to treat each room in your house.
The Bedroom:
Always start with the lighting. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel alert? Or does it make you feel drowsy? Is there anything you can do to create ambient light? You might want to adjust the curtains, or even exchange the curtains for some blinds. Perhaps even a small /romantic light by the side of your bed will do.
Your bed is extremely important. How does it feel? Is it comfortable? Does it look comfortable? Do you have enough pillows? Perhaps you want to buy a nice bright duvet cover to give the room some presence – it’s the smallest things that can make such a vast difference.
Ask yourself next what your bedroom says about you? How does it define your character? Perhaps you want to hang up some rewards that you had forgotten about or hang a picture up on the wall that says something special about you.
To bring the life back into your soul – really make your bedroom stand out! You will feel amazing.
Scents and smells
Keeping pop pouri in your room can give the room a boost, making you fee refreshed in the morning. Keeping lavender by your bedside table for example or in bowl by the entrance of your room will instantly lift the atmosphere. Essential oils are the perfect ingredient to spice things up.
Many people don’t like to have sounds in their bedrooms, but they can be mind altering and tranquil – for example hanging wind chimes by the window or having relaxation music that is easily accessible.
 The Bathroom:

The Bathroom is the most private room in the house. It is a great room to relax in and you can be sure that no one will disturb you! The bath should be the main relaxation point. Imagine your bathtub not just as a physical cleaner but also an internal cleanser where you can let go of all your worries and watch them float away down the plughole. Why not decorate your bathtub? By adding candles ? Or even sea shells. You could even buy some rose petals. Think about the scenery when you enter the bathroom. For example, do you want to imagine that you are beside the sea? Or perhaps near a beautiful lake? You can add some beautiful images on to the wall of either ones you have taken yourself or ones that you find appealing.
Because the bathroom is the ultimate place for relaxation you could make your own special box of things that make you feel good about yourself. You might want to add massage oils to the box, your favourite conditioner, a perfume or cologne?
Try lavender and air fresheners, fancy soaps that make your guests welcome. You could also try fluffy towels and rugs!
 The Kitchen:
The Kitchen is the place to sit and have a nice cosy chat with your best friend or partner. The scents in the kitchen often invigorate our general wellbeing and can warm our appetites. Coffee grounds can send a welcoming message to visitors or family members, sweet cookies or cinnamon. All sorts of magical herbs and spices can also add a spiritual essence to your kitchen and take you back to ancient history.

 Things to make your kitchen cosy:

Creative kitchen tools
Chalk boards to write positive affirmations everyday
Clean and sparkly work tops
A shiny and clean floor
Fresh fruit and nuts
Quirky pictures
Interesting and unusual cook books
Fluffy slippers
Fancy aprons
Lots of herbs and spices!
Pretty table cloths

The Living room:
The Living room is the main room where people choose to unwind at the end of the day. Most of us like to kick back with a glass of wine or a cup of tea and watch the TV. But think about what your living room says about you? What sort of magazines do you read? Are they well kept? Your books will illustrate the sort of person you are and visitors love to take in new information and objects that are pleasing to the eye. A nice object in your living room will make you feel inspired. Why not try large church candles, some pebbles, crystals or a statue or ornament that means something to you?
Our photographs are often placed in the living room, they tell unique stories about our past and present. We can keep safe and  happy memories by a glazing fire or open window or we can hang poetry on the wall.
Your living room is your space to simply be and also your space to welcome people and tell them a little bit more about yourself without actually having to say any words!
Relax and enjoy!

With Love & Light x x 



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