Opening up your third eye chakra

Some useful information about the third eye

Many of us may know that we are psychic or spiritual in some way but feel uncertain about how to tap into our ability.
Feeling confident about our spirituality is important as it allows to build a deep connection with not just ourselves but the universe as a whole. So many of us use our spirituality as a gift to help others whereas the rest of us may feel more inclined to use it more creatively alongside seeking reassurance that we are on the right path.
The third eye chakra is basically the energy centre behind our physical eyes, it is also known as the “pineal gland”. Some people choose to acknowledge the third eye chakra as the “invisible eye” which provides perception beyond ordinary sight.
Many people who are strongly linked in with their third eye chakra have the ability to see spirit. They may also incur visions and have frequent mental images that help them to connect with others. When we open our third eye chakra we our allowing ourselves to see across a veil that draws us towards the spirit world. Some see this as a gate that leads to the inner realms or others interpret it as the gate to the “higher consciousness”. Of course many people will experience the third eye chakra in a number of different ways. Some will link in with it randomly and see images that come suddenly out of the blue, whereas others may practice certain meditations so that they can frequently channel and convey messages to those that need them. More often than not, when we are working with our third eye chakra we will be able to describe images that we have seen or describe symbolic meanings to others.
The colour that is associated with the third eye chakra is Indigo and this colour is always linked to spiritual attainment and wisdom. If you visualise this colour and see it as a little door that opens you up to the spiritual realms when you want to connect then this may well help you during your meditations.

Stones to help you with your third eye should be violet or indigo (Sapphire, azurite and Indigo are the most well known). Other stones would be Angelite, Lapis Lazuli or Amethyst.
Working with the third eye chakra daily may not necessarily lead to clairvoyance or mediumship instantly but what it can do is expand your perceptions and help you maintain a stronger connection with the energies around you. You may start to visualise things very differently, or feel inclined to explore new levels of consciousness.

These could be inspirational and spiritual texts that you feel drawn to or you may even wish to create your own through the channelling process. Essentially once you have opened the door to spirit they will work with you in the way that they feel is right for you. You may even start to see angels or you may even notice that colours start to speak to you which will then leads you to  the path of colour therapy and so on. Just remember that the third eye is an instrument that gives you access into new exciting spiritual opportunities.
If you want to practice mediation with the third eye chakra then do follow the meditation below, however it is important that you find the right time and you must be absolutely sure that this is what you want to go ahead with as when our third eye chakra becomes imbalanced it is very easy to jump to conclusions and mistake our visions for something dramatic!

So always make sure that you are in a relaxed frame of mind.
 Here are some steps to follow:
First of all let go of any struggle. Simply give in, instead of trying to solve problems. Tell yourself that you are going to “simply be”. This is vital when opening the third eye chakra, as it requires much relaxation and we must feel at ease with ourselves. Operating on a low vibrational frequency could create and attract feelings, situations or people that you don’t need.


“Everything I need to focus on is right here, in the moment”.
Next sit cross-legged
Then, place your hands gently on your knees. The middle fingers should be straight and touch the tops of your knee.
Concentrate very carefully on the third eye in the centre between your brows. Visualise a beautiful indigo light bursting out into the room.
You may even wish to chant:
“Om or Aum” to open up a connection at the same time visualising a powerful white light protecting you in a bubble.
Simply relax the body and think about the third eye again, think about what it means – “to see beyond”.
Keep doing this until you feel you have opened up the eye.
To close the chakra, sit in the same position asking for protection as you close inwards. See the light moving in, gradually fading until it is no longer in the room. Visualise yourself locking the colour in along with the powerful eye turning inwards.
You are now protected and safe.

With love and light x x x 


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