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Sick and tired of walking around in circles? Fed up with negative energies? Well what if you could change your life just by the way you think? A method called Quantum Creating allows you to do this by taking yourself out of your box and looking further a field then allowing yourself to connect with the universe. It is about releasing your power and inner passion that you may have tucked away ever so tightly. Quantum creating helps you to think about what it is you really want to achieve so that you can then attract it to you.

The Law of Attraction speaks about creative and joyful living through our thoughts, words and actions. If you send out the right vibes then it is possible for everyone to manifest in this glorious way of thinking. Think about the universe as a big ball of source energy that vibrates and connects to all living species that survive on it –whatever you send out to it , you get back. So if you send out negative thoughts or even if you think negative thoughts then they will eventually come back at you. Therefore we can mould and shape our own realities as we wish.

Even if it is a secret thought you hold in your mind everyday that radiates warmth and hope, something hears it and understands and knows your calling and it will be heard! When we look up at the stars at night or see the Moon in the sky it’s hard to deny the peace and tranquillity that it brings, we then choose to delve into a holistic way of thinking that removes us from the chaos that surrounds our day to day living state. You can start your quantum creating by thinking about the meaningful things, or the simple things that we often miss, such as nature, walking, moonlight and stars. It is these small things that enable us to make way for brand new changes in our lives that are the very source and energy of our universe.

We can use source energy to in many diverse ways. It can be used to transform, to create, to recreate and to inspire. We all get stuck in ruts where we feel there is no way out and it can literally feel as if we are walking through treacle or that we are continuously driving round a roundabout failing to see the exit, when more often than not the exist is usually right there in front of us yet strangely invisible to the human eye. Repetition and routine is the one thing that stops us from moving forwards in life. Although routines can be comforting and reassuring they can only last for so long until something new steps in and takes its place. Avoiding new entry can lead to very high levels of frustration. We become frustrated because we do not know where to start with ourselves and it can often seem as if we are trying to untangle a great big knot of wires!

We then become so engrossed in routines that we tend to lose our true heart’s desire and instead become stuck with an unyielding feeling that we are not actually going anywhere in life and we start to feel numb. But continuing to soak in bath water when you know its gone cold, or continuing to sell something when you know it’s already been sold will just drive you to more frustration! Remember that it’s important to stay true to yourself. Start by asking yourself what it is you dream of and think of ways in which you can make that dream happen. They do not have to be big things, they should be small things to help get you on your way, such as sending an email enquiry about that course you always wanted to take up or calling a friend that you’ve not seen in a long time. Making new connections helps to open up doors for us to walk through.. Our dreams are achievable and are possible, we just have to change our way of thinking.

So the question starts with: How do we break ourselves out of routine? And how do we conjure up the strength to admit that our routines are no longer serving us justice?

First of all list everything out that you feel is holding you back and then write down the pros and cons of each aspect in your life that you feel you need to change.


Your job – Is it giving you a sense of fulfilment? Do you feel a sense of identity with your job?
Your routines – are you becoming tired of using the same gym? Are you sick of seeing the same people? Do you feel it would help you to try something new? Such as yoga?

Your love life – are you and your partner connecting? Or are you single and meeting the wrong people? Perhaps you are going to the wrong places?

Once you have a list in front of you and have picked just about everything apart including the pros and cons of each one you will start to build a clear picture of your life and it will then become obvious which paths you need to change and which paths you need to stick to.

Do not worry what others think!

Many of us have been conditioned into a certain way of thinking and living and even if we try and do what feels natural to us, somehow we manage to convince ourselves that is must be wrong and that we must be foolish to think of something so creative and so far outside our normal way of thinking and living. But the point that we miss, is that no one is actually going to judge us for making positive changes, as long as they work out. If you become successful then you will be congratulated and you will reap the benefits of your hard work. Success is about building, growing, reorganising and restructuring and the ultimate reward of success is knowing that you have started at the bottom and worked your way into your true identity. Author, Margaret Young said: “Often people attempt to live their lives backwards; they try to have more things, or more money, in order to do more of what they want, so they will be happier. The way it actually works is the reverse. You must first be who you really are, then do what you need to do, in order to have what you want”.

We tend to spend too much time trying to resolve life’s difficulties that we forget what we are trying to find in the first place. So rather than applying for another routine job to release ourselves from our pits perhaps it’s time to take something back and get stuck into something a little more creative, something that we “want to do” rather than “have to do” When we discover our own thirst and hunger we can start to build bridges in our lives and step onto a path way that is going to lead us in the right direction. Chief Seattle said: “All things are connected like the blood that unites us. We do not weave the web of life, we are merely a strand in it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves. So it is vital that you do what is right for you. So go for it! Get back in touch with who you really are!

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