Spread the gift of happiness!

Become your own mind coach and spread the word!

Spreading the gift of happiness can send us into a whirlwind of our own happiness. Many cultures all over the world come together to celebrate their own sense of peace and happiness throughout the seasons  which then enables them to build bridges and open up the doors to love.
There is something very gratifying about cultural celebrations, they offer a different side to a story that we have never contemplated. When we allow ourselves to peer in to other peoples’ spaces we may just see something that we feel represents a spark within ourselves.

To accept the world for how it is, and to accept that happiness is a feeling that lies within us all. We all experience the same feelings of happiness but we all go about it in a very different way which does not make us alien to each other, despite traditional beliefs or interests. The key to happiness is surely to find the rhythm and beat within our own hearts, the eternal joy that makes us come to life. For example,  who would ever think that happiness can be found in a small state that many of us may have never even heard of!
[1]Many different cultures follow their own unique path of happiness, tiny states such as Bhutan which is a landlocked state in South Asia located at the eastern end of the Himalayas  follow the principles of Bhutan’s gross national happiness system where  pupils in secondary schools also engage themselves and learn.

There is said to be a series of hand painted spiritual signs that dot the winding mountain road that runs between the airport and the Bhutanese capital, Thimphu, so anyone entering is greeted with affirming matras that express. "Life is a journey! Complete it!" says one, while another urges drivers to, "Let nature be your guide". Another simply says: "Inconvenience regretted."
The simple things in life
Many of us go by the notion that we must have a wealthy status in life in order to feel contentment, we fool ourselves into believing that the internet completes our lifestyle but when we don’t have access to such accessories  we our perhaps bought into a simpler reality and state of being that we usually deny. Children are a prime example of what true happiness should be about. Freedom, laughter, vitality and acceptance.

Interestingly research has provided a truth that justifies this. As researcher[2] Gundi Knies found no difference in the average life satisfaction score of children in families with lower incomes compared with those living in families with higher incomes. Access to the internet for up to one hour a day was said to boost contentment, but excessive time spent on social media was considered  an attribute of an unhappy child. This is because too much information can cloud our thinking and make us lose touch with who we are and what we really want.

Although some social networks can be good for debate and research we can begin to lose ourselves in competition and information that isn’t healthy for us. Simple things in life such as nature, writing or sports can help to ground and nurture our souls. It is ultimately the moderation that leads to a balanced life style of joy and happiness. Finding that sense of solitude and gratification can work wonders and there are so many simple ways to do it! This can be as simple as saying three words to going outside and exploring a new type of scenery.
 Express humanity and welcome strangers!
Telling someone how special or beautiful they are should always make you sparkle inside. Have you ever noticed how good you feel about yourself when you smile at a stranger? For all you know you could have given them the final bit of hope that they needed to get by. We can make things a lot simpler than what they are by spreading tiny seed of happiness. It is also possible to achieve endless moments of happiness in your life by spreading these small seeds, which doesn’t even have to be much! The first step is to simply understand what makes it so important to spread light, as saving someone from misery can help to banish your own!

It is a fact that happiness not only helps us to help others but also enables us to feel more stronger, alive and alert within ourselves. It has also been proven by research that inviting other people into our circles can give us a sense of wellbeing, which encourages us to accept our identity.
[3]Researchers have recognised that ignoring someone can have a huge impact on their self worth and esteem, even if for a brief time in something as inconsequential as a silly computer game, they feel worse about themselves and experience an all-around sour mood. Researchers suspect that this response is evolutionary as humans are social animals and are adapted for group living.
Be your own mind coach and spread the word!

You can be your own mind coach by spreading positive words of love and light. Setting yourself a goal of how many positive activities you are going to take part in each day will allow you to go on and achieve some very good outcomes indeed. Although it’s not always easy to stay positive when we feel as if we are in the gloom, practicing positive thoughts goes a long way. 

Training your mind to think, act and speak positively is the same as toning up your muscles in the gym! The more you do it, the more you can expect positive results! Making sweeping statements, carrying out positive tasks or interacting with strangers plays a huge role in programming your mind into a positive source of light and this is because the mind doesn’t know what the difference is between reality and fantasy.

For example, if you watch a sad movie or hear a sad song you may begin to produce a strong sense of empathy and even release a few tears, even though you know the emotion doesn’t belong to you!
So go ahead, be your own mind coach, spread the happiness and watch the reaction of those around you!

[2] http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/oct/06/teenagers-value-the-simple-things
[3] http://www.livescience.com/20578-social-connection-smile-strangers.html


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