What’s going on with your emotions?

The year 2012 -Spiritual empathy and growth

Many of us may be feeling slightly overwhelmed as many spiritual shifts are taking place which seem to be opening up both emotional and spiritual channels for people. Many of us may be experiencing feelings that we can’t quite put into words, we may be feeling extremely passionate or oversensitive to those around us which includes animals. The year 2012 was said to be the year of spiritual growth welcoming in wonderful new energies. Spiritual leaders, astrologers and lightworkers have all spoken about 2012 as the year of dramatic change.

Author, Diana Cooper made huge predictions about the year 2012 and spoke about cosmic portals opening, each connecting to different stars bringing in stellar connections and light , along with the “Christ light” which is the light of unconditional love. She then predicted that as these channels begin to open they would dramatically affect the surrounding areas. Many people that are spiritually linked and take part in spiritual work may well be feeling some of these vibrations. If you are a highly sensitive person then you too could also be affected by these changes.

The world as a whole was said to become more sensitive and empathetic towards each other and these changes that are taking place within the universe presently are said to be speeding things up so that we can find balance within ourselves. Therefore if you are feeling a little wobbly right now then it is a good sign! As it will be paving the way for better things.

Sometimes however, when we experience emotional turmoil we forget to count our blessings. We may feel so tired of our lives and our emotions that we neglect some of the things that really do need our attention such as an old friend, our children, our animals and our family homes. There are many things we may be taking for granted and this is why it is so important to take note of your surroundings and count your blessings when feeling challenged by the universe.

Sometimes challenges are there to help us find gratitude and keep the faith in the things that we do have.
Empathy is sometimes a feeling that takes over our entire being and it is very easy to mistake someone else’s’ pain for our own pain. This is because so many of us have become so sensitive recently we may be linking into other peoples’ vibrations and losing track of what’s really going on in our own lives.

Empathy is basically the ability to put ourselves in another person’s shoes, to understand and feel their pain, sometimes we feel things we don’t want to and if you are a “supersensitive” you may feel sometimes that you are literally scanning someone else’s’ mind to the extent that you are almost living in their feelings. Empathy can almost be experienced as a meditation, when we bring ourselves out of our own energy fields to experience sensations and feelings elsewhere. There have even been debates about whether or not empathy is the product of a cognitive process whereby we think about what it would be like to be the other person and then experience similar feelings ourselves, or more of an involuntary, automatic response so to speak.

Recent research has lent much evidence and what is interesting is the discovery of “mirror neurons” in the brains of humans and some other animals. For example, when you are performing a task or feeling or emotion, and you are observing someone else doing so, the same neurons that are being lit up in their brain by actually having the experience, are the ones that light up in your brain just from watching them. So this is then why you double-over in pain when you see someone take a fall to the ground etc. The empathetic response is automatic and immediate. It’s not a matter of having to imagine what other people are experiencing-they simply really do affect us.

So it’s not easy being part of the sensitive cycle that nature tends to create and some of us indeed feel pain more than others.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your emotions at present then here are some things that may well help you:


Write a list of all the things that make you feel happy, normal and grounded. Sometimes when we write lists it puts things into a practical and logical order. Even something as simple as going food shopping! When we associate ourselves with our routines and tasks it brings us back to basics and reminds us that we are independent living beings and that we don’t have to form part of someone else’s’ pain to the extent that it stops us from carrying out our daily duties. Sometimes when we feel too much we let it take over our lives but writing out simple lists can help to keep us in touch with ourselves and also our life paths. It is only when we allow ourselves to be distracted that we slip off that path.

Take deep breathes!

Yes, this probably sounds boring and obvious but there is a vast difference between “just relying on breathing” and “taking the time out to breathe”. Watch carefully as you breathe in, look at your tummy – fill it up with air and then breathe out with huge sighs of relief. This is your body, this is your being, you are alive! You are separate! Be proud! You may even find it useful to repeat these words when you are doing your breathing exercises to detach yourself from other peoples’ emotions. As you breathe repeat: “This is my body, my being, I am separate”.

Imagine and see ahead:

Imagine life ahead and see things as only being temporary. For example, if you are feeling overwhelmed by someone else’s feelings or energy then imagine their future ahead to be bright and free of tension. Remind yourself that everything in life is temporary, even happiness and in order for anything to change or move forwards we have to let go eventually!

Love & light to you all

References and further reading:

Diana Cooper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8-UPgk3i84



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