Write your way into a positive future!

Recording your thoughts can help you to discover a new you!

Writing is a fantastic way to declare what you want. Not only does it help to confirm things in your own mind but it also helps you to discover new things about yourself on both a creative and spiritual level. There is something ever so satisfying about clearing the thoughts in your mind, you may even come to shock yourself by dramatic tones in your writing, extended vocabulary and inspiring phrases that you never thought you would use.

Keeping a journal is a great to start. Many people do not notice how much progress they have actually made in their lives until the look back at their diaries or journals and this is a fantastic way to stay in touch with who you really are as it allows you to think and feel from within drawing you closer to your inner self, your spiritual self. You may notice emotions for example that you never knew you had.

Rather than thinking of writing as a chore, you may well begin to see it as a healthy cleansing ritual and after time and practice you may even begin to notice that you are channelling specific information that helps to guide you through the day. Not only that, but recording our thoughts and our actions can make us more aware of the people around us and can often reveal patterns and cycles that we hadn’t paid attention to before. You may even come to discover that the company you were keeping four/five months after reflection of your diary writing had a negative impact on you by the words and phrases you were using at the time. So it is easy to see why keeping a journal can be so handy.

You don’t even have to write pages, perhaps you will start by writing a few lines about your mood? Your travel plans for each day and even what you are wearing. How do you feel each day? Do you feel spiritual for example? Is it a Full Moon or a Waning Moon? Do you feel inspired? Or do you feel as if you want to hide away? Many lightworkers choose to keep Moon Diaries these days. You can buy them on line or at your closest spiritual shop. These diaries keep you up to date with Moon Cycles and Planetary transits which can be very useful when taking account of your thoughts and your feelings.

There are many different reasons why we keep journals and if you are at a point in your life where you are thinking of developing your higher self or tapping into your spirituality a little more then writing will often reveal what your true self is wishing to discover. Self growth starts with confirming ideas and we all have a need and desire to be recognised for our gifts and talents but patience and relaxation is the key to connect with your soul and three months of writing is recommended in order for you to grasp your own unique style and thought pattern. You may come to realise for example that you have a knack for meditative writing or that you gain strong intuitive thoughts and ideas through soul travel and conversation.

The real beauty is that it is your time alone and your time to rediscover what is really going on in your mind, without worrying about spelling, grammar or whether or not you are a good writer. Thoughts come to us in many different ways with beautiful phrases and magnificent flashes of inspiration. Remember it is the thought that you are taking note of and the feelings that you want to grasp hold of so that you can keep a record of your life. Think of your journal/diary as a photo album, a place where you can go and reflect on your progress as a divine being of earthly life. If you are keeping a diary on your computer then why not add photos to it? Or face book status updates that make you feel happy!

Here are some things to think about:

Opening the door to positivity

Writing down and confirming your thoughts in a journal tricks your subconscious mind into making those thoughts come to life. For example: “I would like to invite new love into my life”. Seeing the wording in a text automatically makes you feel as if there might be something on the way soon! It may sound silly, but you may even want to write it out a few times to confirm that new love is indeed arriving – remember your thoughts are like mirror reflections!

Taking note of events

Keeping note of events that have taken place that day can be a good way of planning ahead for the future. For example perhaps an event that you book this year wont be as good at the one you booked last year, keeping a journal might help you to work out why, for example perhaps it was booked when the Moon was Waning (when things wear down) rather than Waxing (when things build up).. Or perhaps you may even come to notice a repetitive cycle that you need to avoid when the energy is particularly negative.

Reflection on colours

The colours we wear play a huge role on our moods. If we take note of the colours we wear each day and then compare it to the way we are feeling we may notice an interesting cycle. We may even want to intentionally try wearing a certain colour every day to see if it changes the way we think and feel.


When we write our thoughts out we feel as if we have out loaded. This is because we have been kind to our needs and no matter what you write you should start to feel lighter about yourself, more focused and a little more up beat about life!

Happy writing with love and much light


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