10 Ways to recognise your Soulmate

Is your romance running along smoothly? Or have you encountered a couple of bumpy moments? Either way, you're probably hoping that this relationship will be the one to last.

 Find out if your relationship is meant to be.

Is your romance running along smoothly? Or have you encountered a couple of bumpy moments? Either way, you're probably hoping that this relationship will be the one to last. So how do you tell if somebody is your soulmate? Well, there are certain signs and behaviours that can indicate if he/she is the one for you. So here's how to recognise your soulmate.

1) You feel relaxed together

Being with your soulmate feels good. But it's not like a rollercoaster of thrills, with lots of highs and lows. Soulmate energy is relaxing and stable. It just feels good. Your soulmate doesn't make you feel anxious about whether or when he/she wants to see you again. You'll both be equally keen to see each other. No playing hard to get. Soulmate energy boosts your wellbeing, never adds to your stress.

2) You have passion, not obsession

A soulmate relationship is a passionate relationship. But don't confuse passion for control or obsession. Passion is loving and you feel safe, as well as being red hot exciting. A soulmate respects your sexual boundaries and will not push you to alter them. While passion that is obsessive might feel flattering at first, it is not the sign of a soulmate. Soulmates aren't scared of losing one another, they feel confident in their love.

3) You're not repeating old relationship patterns

A soulmate relationship will bring totally new energy into your life. It won't be a repeat of past relationships. The relationship will feel fresh and full of new possibilities. It will introduce you to new ideas, ways of thinking and people who are positive and contribute towards your personal and spiritual growth.

4) No Winners or Losers

Does your partner try to win every difference of opinion you have? Does he/she always have to be right? Point scoring or the need to win an argument has no place in a soulmate relationship. You should always both be winners by compromising on the solution to your differences. Your partner should strengthen you, not make fun of your weaknesses.

5) You feel safe

If you always feel like you're walking on eggshells around your partner - this is not a soulmate relationship. Everyone has their off days but if your partner is often angry and critical of you: he/she is not your soulmate! The energy of a soulmate is calm, safe and peaceful. Soulmates have known each other before and are comfortable with one another - not stressed around each other.

6) You feel energised

How do you feel around your partner? A soulmate will make you feel energised and full of vitality. Your body will feel calm and relaxed but with a gentle energising sensation. Your mind will be active and you'll feel upbeat. A partner who is not a soulmate may make you feel tired or drained of energy when you are around them.

7) You understand each other

Soulmates are on the same page: mentally, spiritually and emotionally. They naturally understand one another. They share goals, beliefs and values. You don't have to be exactly the same to be a soulmate, certain preferences can differ - music or film tastes. But the fundamentals should match - core values and life goals. If you always seem to misunderstand his/her point of view, or you don't understand his/her jokes or you wonder why he/she believes such weird ideas - it's not a soulmate relationship!

8) You're free to grow as a person

The purpose of meeting a soulmate is so you can help one another to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally in this lifetime. Your relationship should feel inspiring, pushing you both on to aim higher and reach new heights of achievement. You help each other achieve successes you might not have been able to reach alone. You are always supportive of creative goals. Together you are a formidable team ready to take on the world united by your love and care for each other. You create positive things together and spread positive energy to other people.

9) You compromise

No relationship is perfect - not even a soulmate relationship! So some conflict is inevitable, after all you are two souls who have come together as one, you are not the same soul. But conflict is minimal in a soulmate relationship. Violence, name-calling, threats and ultimatums are never part of a soulmate relationship. When you argue, it's a constructive airing of opinions that leads to a compromise. You never want to hurt each other.

10) You both have a purpose

Soulmates are on a journey together. It's exciting! Your relationship is constantly evolving in a positive way and you as a person are learning and growing. You recognise that you each have a purpose or calling in life and you support each other's purpose. You've found your soulmate - lucky you!

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