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Image and dream boards

Many of us spend each month following Moon cycles or waiting for the Full or New Moon to arrive just so that we can order in our desires but there are many other ways we can manifest our dreams and we can do this each day by simply creating a personal display of our dreams and desires.

Believe it or not, we can start the process by creating a collage of our thoughts on a board or space we feel connected to. Many of us start this process by collecting in all the things that are meaningful to us and all the things that we want to see happening in the future. For example you may flick through magazines every week and see beautiful houses or beautiful sceneries that you wish were part of your life... well, guess what? They can be!

Creating a collage of all the things you wish for is not only a good way to order in what you desire but also a great way to map out your future out. Not only are you confirming what you want but you are also “seeing it” and “visualising” it every day when you wake up which then helps you to utilise your ideas even further. For example you may start by putting a new pin board up in your office or your room with some positive affirmations but then decide to add to it each and every time you see something that represents your dreams or desires.

A good way to start a dream or image board is to think about all the things that make you happy. Perhaps you have some photos from when you were at school? Or an old certificate of achievement? It could even be a picture you painted at junior school which you had forgotten about. Perhaps some of those memories remind you of happier times? Hold on to those feelings of happiness and remind yourself that you can bring it back in to your life by meeting new people and experiencing different things.

Remember that life is a school of many different thoughts and as we grow we still carry many child like aspirations that make us feel alive and in tact. Image boards and dream boards are a fantastic way to bring the light back into your soul. You can think of your image board as a sort of map. Perhaps you are going to divide it into months, ticking of your wishes as you go along. Or perhaps you just want to buy a white board and write positive notes to yourself each day? If you are looking to transform your whole life then it might be a nice idea to scan your eyes through your favourite magazines until you see something that makes you feel happy and inspired. You might even have childhood memories that make you feel special such as gold stars, stickers and post cards. As we start to think more creatively about our life paths magical things will automatically start to happen.

Ideas :

Your dream space can be created anywhere, even in the office, perhaps a screensaver with your dream man/woman? Or a house in the country side, it may even just be a different country that you want to move to later on in life, whatever it is, keep focussing on the image and visualise your dreams coming to life at convenient intervals throughout the day.

If you are creative you could paint or even build what you desire in some way. Sometimes even taking our own pictures of life can open up doors. A photograph often captures things that we fail to see otherwise, if someone takes a photograph of you for example when you lease expect it you might see a beauty within you that you have never seen before, therefore you might want to keep this on your image board to remind yourself that the start of good times really do lie within.

Treat yourself!

Why not go and have a look round some old shops you use to go to as a child? Or a shop that reminds you of your childhood? If you see something you like then buy it! Simply remembering that you can put the same magic back into your life that you experienced as a child, you might see an old magazine you use to buy or a pencil case that reminds you of school. Stick them up in your new imagery space and toast to magical times ahead!

Not sure where to start?

Why not start with small things!

For example, do you want to lift your mood each day? Why not find a beautiful image of the Sun? Perhaps you even have an old photograph of a sunset on holiday? Find photographs of yourself where you look happy – place them on your imagery/dream board and remind yourself each day that you can look this happy again Do you have a favourite song that means something to you? Print out the lyrics and highlight the lines that have most meaning to you and stick those on your board!

Do you want to change your image? Find someone that you feel is beautiful in a magazine or online ( it doesn’t even need to be a celebrity) it can just be a beautiful person with a beautiful soul or someone you just simply admire. Think about animals – do you want more animals? Do you have a favourite pet? Stick him/her on there and be thankful for how happy they make you – this could also be an image of a close friend or family .

Happy dream creating!


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