Finding Love After Lockdown

It can be pretty daunting putting ourselves out there, but we know that if you try, you’ll reap the rewards of confidence, companionship and possibly a new love.

finding love after lockdown

If you’ve been looking for love for a while, then the advent of COVID-19 most likely scuppered things. Instead of going out to eat and getting to know a new beau in person, we’ve been putting relationships off, or trying to make it work virtually. We may be missing hand-holding, hugs and kisses, but for those of us who have been making the effort online - we’ve been making deeper connections through our words - the language of love if you will. It can be pretty daunting putting ourselves out there, but we know that if you try, you’ll reap the rewards of confidence, companionship and possibly a new love. But what else can you do to find love after lockdown? How can you find the most suitable partners without wasting your time? And most importantly, how can you reveal your true self without scaring your love interests off? Well, those are big questions, which in this loved up blog, we intend to answer! 

Love Advice - Finding Your Confidence

The thing about finding true love and putting yourself out there, is that, fundamentally, it requires confidence. To create an online profile, to go on a blind date or to feel like you can present the best version of yourself to someone new can be a challenge, and it requires you to find self-love and appreciation for your own skills. You don’t have to be the most confident person out there, but you should try to find the beauty in yourself, so you can present this beauty to the world. We know this is easier said than done, and that past relationships may have left you doubting yourself and your worth, but believe us, you are worthy of love, and you deserve it. So how can you find this confidence? We asked our trusted love psychics for their top tips, and what follows is our love psychic’s top advice: 

  1. Use Bad Experiences As Learning Experiences.

 If you’ve had bad experiences with love in the past, don’t worry - you’re not alone. To be honest, most people have, and you don’t need to be a love psychic to know that. The thing is though, you have a choice. You can either let those bad experiences define your future love life and relationships, or you can use them as good learning experiences. What did you get out of the relationship? What did you learn about yourself? What would you have done differently? Have you discovered what traits you like in a partner, and what you dislike? Treat each relationship like a brand new slate, and use this new found knowledge to take on the dating world!

  1. Tell Yourself How Brilliant You Are. Every. Single. Day.

When we’ve gone through a tough break up, or we haven’t dated in a while, we can start to negatively view ourselves, and think that there’s something wrong with us. It’s normal, but it’s detrimental to our well-being. Imagine this. A friend starts going on about all the things they hate about themselves. What would you do? You’d comfort them and focus on all their positives. Start doing this for yourself. In fact, spend 10 minutes now writing down all the things that make you fantastic. Focus on the things you’re proud of and happy with, and the things that you want to celebrate about being you. You’re a pretty awesome person right? Who wouldn’t want to date you? If you’re having trouble, ask friends and ask family - you may find out some lovely things about yourself. 

  1. Push Yourself.

To gain more confidence in any area of life - you have to experience it first hand. So, push yourself out of your comfort zone. Whether it’s simply joining a dating website and seeing who bites, going on a double date with friends that you trust or asking a friend to set you up with someone they think would be a good match for you - these are all steps in the right direction. And keep pushing yourself. There may not be sparks straight away. But give it a chance, and who knows what magic may happen?

  1. Fake It Until You Make It.

Along with pushing yourself, try your best to appear confident too. Little things such as wearing clothes that make you feel good, talking about topics you know lots about and being genuinely interested in the world around oozes confidence, even if inside you’re trembling. Projecting confidence will alter the way love interests see you, and will make you seem more engaging and wonderful - because you are. You’re presenting the best version of yourself, and the more times you do this, the more real this becomes, and the more confident you’ll feel doing this.

Love Advice - Embracing The Real You

 Finding love after lockdown isn’t just about finding that confidence you may be lacking however. It’s also about embracing who you truly are and being comfortable with who you are, and what you’re all about. Many people feel that they need to appear more interesting than they are on first, second and even fifthteeth dates, and before you know it - you’re pretending to like shows you’ve never seen before, you’re feigning interest in current events that mean nothing to you, and you’ve dug yourself a hole so deep that your partner is basically dating a stranger. Having similar interests is so important for relationships, because it’s through shared activity that you find common ground, and can find enjoyment together.

Pretending to be someone you’re not may work short term, but is not how you build strong, long lasting relationships. Be proud of who you are and own it. No-one else can, and that’s something to be proud of. Your accomplishments are things to be proud of. Your hobbies are things to share. You’re enough. And if you’re ever wondering how to develop further - try taking up a class or new hobby that inspires you. We’re all for personal development here at Psychic Sofa, and it’s something that we truly advocate. 

It’s worth pointing out that embracing the real you includes the negatives, as well as the positives, and doing the same for others too. No-one is perfect, and everyone deserves a chance - and the same goes for you too. 

Psychic Love Advice - What To Ask A Psychic About Love?

If you’re looking for spiritual guidance from your spirit guides on your love life, and to see what lays ahead for you, we recommend seeking psychic love advice from a psychic guide. Love psychics use their intuition when it comes to love and matters of the heart, so if you’re feeling at a loss with your love life, then a love psychic could be perfect for you. A love psychic can tap into your aura and energy, and feel the chemistry between partners - both past, current and future loves. Providing truthful answers on your romantic relationships, they'll help you find that special someone.  

Love psychics and your spirit guides can provide spiritual support and answer any relationship questions you have regarding your love life. Love psychics can help you build up your confidence, help you to embrace who you truly are and help you on the path to romantic happiness.

At Psychic Sofa, we understand that having love psychic phone readings can be daunting, because you don’t know what you’ll find out, and what psychic love advice you’ll be given. Helping you to untangle the confusion that may be your love life, a love psychic reading will provide you with tools you need to make more informed decisions about what to do next, giving you peace of mind.

Think it might be too soon to visit a love psychic? Love psychics can help you at any point of your love life. You may be looking for love after lockdown because you think it’s time you finally got out there, or back out there. Perhaps COVID-19 has got you thinking about how you need to make every second of your life count, and that your current relationship just isn’t doing it for you. Or maybe you just want love advice from a love psychic for clarity and guidance. Wherever you’re up to, a love psychic can help. Love psychics can let you know if something isn’t quite right in your current relationship, and let you know if someone is not right for you when it comes to love. Love psychics can advise on the best places to meet new people during this lockdown and beyond it, and determine whether someone you like will prove a fruitful relationship. There’s a lot of insight they can give, and a lot you can gain from their support.

What’s more, a love psychic can work on any energy blocks that may be hindering your success when it comes to romantic relationships. For example, if you’re still hung up on a past love, holding onto past hurt or are finding that you just can’t seem to make love last, then love psychics can pick up on this, make you aware of any negative feelings and patterns you may be exhibiting and help you put in place better patterns of behaviour for a better chance of love. 

If you’re looking for psychic readings or guidance with your love advice, then we recommend psychic phone readings with Psychic Sofa. Providing insight into your love life, current relationship and that special someone, you’ll be able to find love after lockdown confidently. Our clients are forever commenting on the guidance our psychic love readings provide, citing how positive they felt following the calls, and how much they helped. For your psychic readings, please call our love psychics today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. Your love life awaits.

Questions To Ask A Psychic About Love

If you’re unsure what questions to ask a psychic about love, don’t worry. Our love psychics get asked an abundance of questions during telephone psychic readings, so there’s always something new. As a starting point, these are the love questions our love psychic readers get asked the most: 

  1. Where should I look for love?

  2. What does my love life have in store for me?

  3. Is my partner right for me?

  4. How can I make sure my relationship lasts?

  5. Does he love me? / Does she love me?

  6. Why did we break up?

  7. How can I reconnect with my partner (or spouse)?

  8. What do my spirit guides want me to know about my relationship?

  9. Why do I keep attracting the wrong partner?

  10. What steps can I take to find my soulmate?

  11. Why am I hesitating to commit to this relationship, even though we get along great?

  12. Why am I holding on to a relationship that I know is toxic?

  13. What am I supposed to be learning from this relationship?

  14. How can I bring more joy and romance into my relationship?

  15. How can I find that instant connection?

  16. What is the meaning of love?

Pretty great love questions right? To ask them for yourself and for your own psychic love readings, please call our love psychics today on 09057897752 (calls cost 80p per minute plus your network access charge) or on 01618640152. The answers may surprise you and you'll be given an accurate reading that you can depend on, time and time again.

Finding love after lockdown can be daunting, but with the help of our telephone psychic readings it becomes a whole lot easier. Finding confidence and embracing who you are is only half the battle. Getting out of your comfort zone and being happy with who you are takes skill. Our love psychics are happy to help, and will do their utmost to help with relationship advice, spiritual insight and lockdown love guidance. Check them out for yourself by calling us today.


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