Make love not war this Valentine's day

Some things to think about!

Many of us know that Valentine was a priest in ancient Rome. The Emperor, Claudius, was fighting various wars, but he was having trouble recruiting soldiers. Claudius believed that young men without wives would be more likely to volunteer, so a ban was put on all marriages and then when the kindly Valentine refused to stop marrying couples, he was imprisoned, tortured, and beheaded.
Years later, the Pope declared Valentine a saint, and the day of Valentine's death - February 14 - became a holiday for lovers.

In a sense we could suggest that Valentines Day initiated from some kind of war but that it was the war that created the fight for peace. So many of us struggle with relationship issues only to find that all we really wanted was love, peace and harmony, only it takes a certain amount of war sometimes to arrive at such a conclusion. The old 1960s slogan will never fade “Make love and not war”. So when we exchange gifts, love, quotes or gestures on Valentine ’s Day we need to be careful that we are not starting up a war!
Valentines day can be the perfect time to not only celebrate the love we feel within our selves but also the wars that we have encountered in order to find peace and freedom and a deeper meaning that restores our faith in love with a whole new light.
Sometimes it helps us to understand the truth about love and what it is that actually brings two lovers together to create a blissful, harmonious relationship. The general idea lies within wholeness.
For example The Two of Cups in the tarot speaks about this type of relationship. In general The Two represents a polarization of the initial raw energy of the Aces in tarot. From a mythological perspective The Two of Cups then represents the attraction of male and female and the feeling that erupted from the Ace (the beginning) has now found an object! 

Plato’s ancient fable about the origins of mankind, the human soul was once perfectly spherical and contained both male and female. But in the Two of Cups the soul is divided and the two portrays a stage where we find ourselves blindly driven to seek our other half - “The missing half”. The Greeks saw this as erotic attraction which represented something sensual and also spiritual – the search for inner peace and love and to also be at ease with our other half.  But of course when anything new begins we have to accept that it could just as quickly crumble as it could flourish, we seek physical pleasure for our own sense of completion, for soul completion but at the same time we must stay true to who we are and the Two of Cups represents this perfect union, the feeling of serenity, faith and honesty.
In order for us to claim a peaceful, loving relationship we must reclaim the bit that is missing within ourselves first in order for us to find our true match. In astrology the Sun represents the power of consciousness that the male projects and then the Moon the female and the mysterious watery depths of the unconscious. We can see why these two work so well together one shedding light on what is obvious and the other subtly glowing behind the scenes of a star filled sky.

Male and female both shed light in different ways and can therefore appreciate the differences between each other that they so unknowingly accept which then gives rise to compliment. This is the perfect way to accept what love really is, a love without war but peace and acceptance, not just within ourselves but also in the other – the other half.
If you have been facing hardship in relationships or tough times with ex lovers, why not use Valentines Day as the opportunity to make love really happen and create peace.
There are many ways in which we can go about this:
Nothing going your way?
Wish for peace
It may have been three weeks since you last heard from your ex or perhaps there has been no give with your partner recently. When something is blocked or “no go” we instantly think that we should fix things! When in fact, attempting to fix something that just won’t budge will only lead to deeper frustration. Painful frustration! Instead do something simple and wish for peace.
Just ask in very simple terms:
“Please allow this situation to heal in the best possible way
I choose to let go and instead I invite peace”.

Affirm – No war

If you are just starting a new relationship and don’t want a repeat of the last one. Enter into it with the intention that it is a “No War relationship”. Sometimes we have to fight the war within ourselves before even considering a new relationship. In many senses new relationships offer us a chance to let go of the War that we have created for ourselves but it is equally as important to let go of those issues that we feel are restricting us before allowing ourselves to open up fully in the relationship as this will loosen up any awkward knots and add strength to the connection.
Have a peaceful Valentines day

With love and light x  x x x x x


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