Twin Flames and Soul Mates

The difference between Twin Flames and Soul Mates

Twin flames and Soul mates often get mixed up. We can have many soul mates in life but our Twin Flame is essentially the other half of ourselves. There are many theories on both but the majority of spiritual thinkers believe that we go through a few incarnations until we reach our ultimate purpose and learn valuable life lessons. Like a process of elimination you can only find and appreciate the other half of yourself once you have acknowledged the first half in full and accepted weaknesses. It is then that we begin to “grow into ourselves”. We normally know when this has happened as we experience a deep appreciation within ourselves and a self love. We feel grateful for the gift of life.

Some of us may feel as if we have been here before and experienced life in all sorts of different forms and see the human body as an instrument that carries us through our journey. Many of us also come across souls that are very similar to our own and although it may seem a little overwhelming and mysterious we are able to just “go with the flow” and enjoy the magical chemistry that draws two people together as we go by the inner knowing that we are all on an individual journey and are therefore destined to meet with our soul mates or our Twin Flames. Telepathic connections can often link people together and we use both our minds and spiritual energies to do this. If we think of our minds as receiving electrical impulses and signals from the Gods above then it is of course possible that certain energies can come together at certain times to complete various cycles.

What is the difference between Twin Flames and Soul Mates?

Basically, your Twin Flame is the other half of you, and is known as someone you agreed to spend the rest of your life with in your previous life. A Twin Flame can be a signal that you have completed a certain karmic cycle and that the two of you have come together to celebrate that. It is believed that each soul divides both a feminine and masculine energy and the two meet up when the time is right. However, in order to get to that stage it is sometimes important that we experience a period of emotional highs and lows with souls similar to ourselves first, known as “Soul mates”. Soul mates are people that come into your life to teach you specific lessons and to also mirror both your positive and negative traits. We can have lots of Soul mates in this life time and Soul mates are there to help you develop and grow. Many of us tend to learn through other people and in particular we learn about our emotions. We learn about our limits and our boundaries and just how much we are prepared to give out. It may even feel that you are being tested at times and that the relationships you go through are unfair but the idea with Soul mates is that they often teach you what you don’t have or what you don’t want.

For example you may find it hard to express your emotions, yet you deeply yearn for someone that is going to be able to understand you and support you. Therefore your higher self will automatically attract someone that provokes emotional reaction within you to help you exercise those feelings. You may well find that you go through a number of different cycles until you reach the person that compliments you. Many Twin Flames speak about their experiences when first meeting and they often describe it as an “electronic experience” where their eyes just met and they knew. This kind of meeting is predestined and is certainly no accident. There will just be an unconditional love between the two that is indescribable. It is easy to mistake a Soul mate however for a Twin Flame as Soul mates can have similar impacts, particularly if there was unfinished business in the previous life. But your Twin will compliment you and balance you out. Twins are often said to be opposites in the sense that the other literally balances the other out. For example many Twins admire the other because they make up for what the other lacks and feel it makes the other half of them complete. So where one twin may be shy and lack confidence the other twin will be assertive and authoritative.

Twin Flames can even join together at a very young age, and then spend the rest of their lives together so that they can complete their task together. The reason they come together at such a young age is because they learnt what they needed in the life before. But not everyone will actually experience meeting their Twin Flame in this life. This thought may seem a little depressing and may even make you feel a bit empty to think that you will not get to meet your Twin in this lifetime. But some people believe that you are actually sharing your life with them anyway, even if it doesn’t feel like it, it just isn’t in a physical form. It is believed that in Spirit all twins are in energy contact depending on whether you are awakened and vibrating at the sufficient frequency. This is known to take form with telepathic communication which you can ask your spirit guides or ancestors to help you with. Many mediums use this sort of communication to connect with their guides and will already know about this.

You don’t have to worry if you feel you have not yet found your Twin Flame. Sometimes it is just nice to know that there is a higher part of you existing on a higher plane, we can even call out to this energy in times of apprehension. Living with the knowledge that we have a Twin Flame is a wonderful thing, even if you have not come across your Twin Flame the knowledge that life continues to develop is a tremendous thing. If you feel particularly doubtful within yourself then speak to your Twin Flame and perhaps ask them to bring in Soul mates that will help you live and grow. A Soul mate is still another dimension to your spirit and can help you to complete certain tasks – it may even be that you do not meet with your Twin Flame until much later in life as they can come in at any time and only your higher self can decide when that is.

Signs that you may have met your Twin Flame or are going to meet them:

You meet someone that you have seen clairvoyantly in your dreams
You feel an overpowering sense of love and connection
You magically share the same spiritual knowledge
You balance each other out completely
You automatically know when to step back in an argument
You trust them without needed to seek reassurance from anyone else
You feel their pain when they are not around and they feel yours
You don’t have to speak, because they already know
You feel telepathy – (you email and call at the same time)
You can contact each other through meditation
You may even have similar scars on your body or had uncanny experiences during childhood
You may have even dreamt about eachother before meeting


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