Find Your Soulmate

How to know you've found your soulmate


What is a soulmate?

Now the commercial frenzy of Valentine's Day has calmed down, it's a good time to reflect on the relationships in your life - both romantic and platonic. Spiritually speaking, everyone is said to have a twin flame with whom you can have a deep romantic connection.

As well as your twin flame, other people in your life can be soulmates. These are friends, family, and even pets who are essential to your wellbeing and spiritual growth. Your twin flame and your soulmates will push you to fulfil your purpose in life, to learn life lessons, such as how to be humble, how to be brave or how to show kindness. Soulmates will support you emotionally.

Twin flames and soulmates may not arrive in the way you expect. You might not be physically attracted to a twin flame at first - only to discover that shared interests and beliefs are much more important than model looks or bulging biceps to make a lasting connection. Some soulmates may seem to cause conflict at first but you will later see that the short-term discomfort they brought allowed you to recognise deeply buried issues that had to be confronted.

Spot your soulmates

Here are the signs that your romantic partner is your twin flame or that a certain friend is a soulmate

You feel a connection

This is nothing to do with physical appearance but it is a deeper level of connection. You feel comfortable together - even before you get to know one another. It feels natural and easy to be together.

Have you met before?

You have the uncanny feeling that you know this person, despite never having met. This could be a sign of a past life connection. Alternatively you have lots of shared background details in this life - perhaps your parents have the same job, or you lived in the same town, but never actually met before.

Silence is comfortable

You can pause in your conversation and have a moment's silence without feeling uncomfortable. You feel totally at ease together without the need for constant chatter. This confidence between you is a type of intimacy that can't be faked.

You accept each other's flaws

You are aware of the negative parts of your soulmate's personality but you fully accept this is what makes them who they are. You can see the positives in their negatives: for instance if your partner is a little bossy this can make them great in a crisis. Or if your soulmate is a bit indecisive, you know you can be sure they will look at all aspects of an issue to give you the most balanced advice.

You pick up on his/her mood

There is a deeper level to your relationship that allows you to sense what your partner or friend is feeling. If they've had a bad day, you can tell without them saying a word.

You can be honest

This is especially true for soulmate friendships. In many friendships the tendency is to avoid speaking unpleasant truths. However with a soulmate relationship, you owe it to your friend to be honest - if your words are for their higher good. But honest doesn't mean cruel or hurtful. It means not being afraid to tackle sensitive issues, with tact and love, which will eventually improve your soulmate's life.

Shared values

You have similar beliefs and thoughts about life. You won't agree about everything but you will agree about most aspects of life.

Mutual respect

A twin flame or a soulmate will never put you down or use hurtful language to you. These people are in your life to give you an emotional boost or to help you learn life lessons - some of which will be difficult. But a soulmate will always show you respect.

Supportive at all times

A soulmate takes delight in your successes and achievements. They are your biggest supporter. You do not feel as if you are in competition with a soulmate. There is no jealousy between you.

You are inspired

A twin flame or a soulmate should inspire you. They can spur you on to achieve greater things. You will admire them and the feeling should be mutual.


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