What’s in store for you this Valentines Day?

How to make the most of it, whether you are single or looking to attract someone new

Most of us spend the week before Valentine’s day wondering if we will get a card, or wondering if perhaps we should even send one. For some the day is way too commercial, whereas others truly see it as an opportunity to express their love. Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day is an annual commemoration held on February 14 celebrating love and affection between soul companions. The day is named after one or more early Christian martyrs named Saint Valentine, and was established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD. It is known as a time where we celebrate our love, delve into romance and let people know what we love and admire them.

According to statistics 85% of all Valentine cards are bought by women and -73% of flowers are bought by men, and only 27% are by women. In general women love to be swept of their feet and it is traditional for a man to take a woman out so it’s no wonder that men end up spending more money on Valentines day than what women do. Valentine’s day can be seen as a real test for new lovers as not only is it romantic but it can also be expensive!

The Good news about Valentines day is that it tends to welcome in all kinds of different love, it doesn’t necessarily have to be for a secret admirer or for a partner, it could be that you want to show your love and appreciation for a pet or a child and if there is one thing we can be sure about on Valentine’s day, it’s that love tends to heal many wounds and creates both warmth and protection in our lives. Without love, we would be empty but love can no doubt be tricky as well. When it comes to handling our emotions we can often feel boundless where smoky rings of fire and passion float around in our heads making it hard to see anything realistically. To be loved by someone is a privilege and when someone shows their love and appreciation for you, you can’t help but feel flattered. There’s nothing quite like chemistry and we all desire it and we all need it.

The power of falling for someone is so incredibly hypnotic in fact that there isn’t an awful lot we can do except swallow it. Love just has a habit of taking over and many of us feel overwhelmed by its presence when it enters our souls. We love for a reason and sometimes through loving someone else you also find another part of yourself. This is because we are not only feeling our own emotions, but also the vibrations of someone else’s longing which opens up a secret doorway to the higher self. So if you believe that you are part of someone else’s’ soul then you will no doubt be able to share the sensations with each other.

However, with love being the very focus of just about everything on Valentines day, those who don’t have love to share with anyone can feel incredibly lonely and the reminder of it in shop windows, florist’s, TV and magazines can seem extremely depressing.

Therefore here are some things to consider if you are single on Valentines day:

1. – Don’t stay in on your own. Go out with friends or plan a party at your house. Rather than thinking about romantic love think about the friends you love instead. You could even think about your favourite Aunt or your parents. Perhaps you have a favourite pet you want to share the day or evening with?
2. If you are feeling down that you have not met “The One” yet. Do not fear. Instead, grab your favourite DVD, a glass of wine and a pen and paper. List all the things you expect to find in your next partner. Then think about how you would spend your very first Valentines Day together.
3. Because Valentines Day is such a passionate day. Do something passionate! Passion isn’t solely assigned to a loved one so stand up and exert your soul! Sing something, write something or look for a new project.
4. Think about Angels. Angels are so beautiful, artists painted them, children imagine them and spiritualist communicate with them. If you have angel cards, draw one for yourself and a receive a beautiful message about love.

If you are thinking about sending a card but are unsure whether to or not here are some things to think about:

1. How well do you know the person? Is it a friend or a colleague? Have you been out on a date with this person before? If so, then you may not need to include your name in the card. Leave it anonymous and then ask them if they received any cards. If you didn’t receive one from them, then you know to play it safe!
2. If you do not know the person at all then why not include your name? After all there is nothing to lose. And even if you did end up getting rejected you could pretend that it was just a bit of fun for the season!
3. If you are unsure about where to go for a first date on Valentines day then remember that sometimes the simple things are the most sentimental things. Such as a home-cooked meal, a walk in the park, an unexpected phone call, flower deliveries or even a handmade gift. Remember Valentines day is about showing our love and appreciation and should not be about competition.
4. If you want to create a big atmosphere for Valentines Day then read up behind the history of it and perhaps read some success stories. Sometimes just visualising hearts and cherubs with arrows can instantly put you in the mood.

Good luck and enjoy!



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