Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Using Tarot Cards

Learn how to enhance your budding psychic abilities by tapping into the power of tarot cards.

Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Using Tarot Cards

Have you ever wondered why some psychics utilise different techniques and tools while giving their psychic readings in comparison to others? I guess the most stereotypical example would be that of the Fortune Teller, hunching over her crystal ball in a little tent. Another common example is of a psychic’s use of tarot laid out on the table in front of you, during a reading. It’s an image that we’re all familiar with, yet one that many are still unsure of in terms of its meaning and purpose in regards to psychic readings and techniques.

But these so-called props do have a purpose, I assure you. What people may not be aware of is that individuals with psychic abilities don’t always need to solely rely on their inner-self to glean spiritual knowledge – they can use specific items in front of them, too. Let me explain.

There are no set guidelines dictating how someone with higher levels of insight can connect to the etheric plane. For a psychic, this means that there can be a variety of ways for them to connect with their higher self and Spirit to relate messages back to the client.

Some psychics may need no assistance at all; they can simply activate their third eye and higher level of judgement to receive messages from outside sources at the flick of a “psychic switch”. In contrast, some other psychics may feel the need to focus their primary attention on an object or concept in order to enter this higher-realm state – this may be a crystal ball, a crystal point, tarot, runes, anything!

While at first glance one may jump to the conclusion that a psychic using an extra tool is weaker, this is by no means the case! Remember, every psychic is different and that means that every psychic’s technique is too. The point that you need to factor in and consider is that a psychic’s ability does not rest on the use of these extra tools. They are merely objects of reference that a psychic uses to focus their Ego on in order to clarify and distract their Ego from disrupting information that comes through. In this case, our Ego means that noisy little voice in the back of your head that stops you from concentrating!

This is where tarot cards come into play.

When people learn to read tarot, one point that many start to discover on their path is that tarot are in fact a stunning magical tool with unlimited psychic potential. While at a basic level learners use tarot to simply read off a connecting story of each card, with a little persistence and patience the tarot soon unveil their potential to unlock spiritual insight from outside the direct story told on the cards.

At first this may seem strange to new readers. Should you read off what the cards are saying, or go with your intuitive gut and read the unfolding story outside of their wisdom?

The answer is to always go with your gut. Remember how a crystal ball acts as a vessel for channelling your psychic insight? Well, that’s exactly what the tarot are doing. They’re helping you to focus your psychic energy in order to perceive psychic insight – through the cards and into our physical realm.

How to Enhance Your Psychic Abilities Using Tarot

If you want to expand your techniques as a psychic, then I would recommend using tarot cards as a focal object to help channel your thoughts and relate your messages back to your clients. While you may already use certain spreads during your readings, I would actually recommend simply shuffling your cards –perhaps oracle or crystal cards- and placing a few in a line to concentrate on. Let your Ego go. Stare at your cards and see what messages are brought forth. Relate this message to your client and continue the cycle again. Remember to always have your Ego distracted. A reading is no place for the Ego to make itself heard.

Here are a few simple tips to help you let go of your Ego during psychic tarot readings, and how to enhance you psychic abilities through the use of tarot.

Don’t just ‘observe’ the cards – ‘feel’ them!

Psychic tarot readings are all about letting go of our primary thoughts and emotions – our Ego. And it is this logical mind that might help us falter during a reading if we don’t keep it in check! So how do you stop your Ego from tuning in? Distract it! Instead of letting that niggling little voice point out the obvious and provide unnecessary emotional responses, focus your mind on the spread of cards laid in front of you. Listen and feel for the messages it provides. Be inspired, not dictated.

Take your time

Time is your ally. Although there may be pressure during a psychic reading to provide insight to the client as soon as possible, this isn’t always the best way to activate and tune into your higher level of thinking. Practice the art of waiting after laying out your tarot spread.  Don’t simply rush to the first observation you mind comes up with. Let the cards guide you, not tell you. This is not a black and white situation. Dig a little deeper and let your mind’s eye wander. This extra time will ensure that you’re seeing the whole story as clearly as possible, not just in little snippets.

Each card is a piece of the bigger picture

So, you’re sat in front of your client, a large spread of cards is in front of you. What do you do? Panic! No... What you do is calmly let your eye and mind wander to each of the cards. Remember what I said above - time is your ally. Focus on each of the cards, one at a time. Together they combine to make the whole story; but their meaning is just as powerful on their own. If we take a little more time to mull over each card, we can provide a clearer, more in depth reading.

 Tune into your surroundings

Spirit is always with us, whether we notice or not. Spirit are not restricted like we are in the ways they communicate, and may choose a variety of methods to connect and contact us during readings. Always be aware of your surroundings. Have you noticed a drop in temperature, can you hear things, see things, even smell things? Does a certain card jump out of your deck? If it does, take heed of it. Don’t dismiss it because you personally didn’t pick it. It may have already been chosen for you.


Life is always a learning curve, and learning to tap into your psychic abilities is just the same. It all takes time. If you are a novice tarot and psychic reader, my advice to you is to try and try again! Don’t let your Ego override your natural abilities! All our available psychics have trained their minds eye to understand these nuances. And so can you.



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