Psychic Pets

How to communicate with your pet

The UK is a nation of animal lovers, with 22 million households sharing their homes with a furry or feathered friend. So it's no surprise that many people want to be sure that their beloved pet is feeling happy and healthy. While it may be obvious when your dog wants to go for a walk or whether that your cat is enjoying its food, subtler changes in behaviour or emotion are more difficult to decipher.

Some scientists believe that animals can only experience basic emotions. However, newer research is challenging this view by showing that animals display a wide range of complex feelings. From a spiritual point of view, all life is sacred; all life is equally valuable. It's a typically human, egotistical attitude that considers its own species to be the most important on the planet. Just because we cannot communicate with animals in the same way we communicate with other humans does not make our four-legged companions less sentient than us.

Psychic Pets

Any pet owner with empathy for their animals could tell you it's obvious that pets probably have a much richer emotional life than mainstream science currently accepts. The question is how do you work out exactly what Fido wants?

Pet psychics say they use extra-sensory perception to communicate with animals. This is a non-verbal means of communication using mental images or by sensing energy around the animal. Simply explained, animal communicators say they can perform mind-to-mind communication with your pet.

Emotions your animal may feel:

  • Happiness
  • Fear
  • Stress
  • Playfulness
  • Empathy
  • Desire
  • Curiosity

Animal communicators

Pet psychics say they can link with your animal's mind to unravel its behaviour. This can be done by tuning into the energy of your pet using a photo of your pet as well as in person, or by phone. Pet psychics claim they can communicate with cats, dogs, horses - even birds, reptiles and smaller furry creatures.

You may want to consult an animal psychic:

To locate a pet that is lost. If the psychic can link to your animal this may provide clues to where it has wandered.

To understand your animal's behaviour. Perhaps your cat has suddenly started scratching the furniture or your once docile dog has started growling all the time. Pet psychics may be able to give you insight into changes in your pet's behaviour so you can remedy whatever has triggered the unwanted behaviour.

If your pet is displaying symptoms of illness but the vet cannot find a cause, the pet psychic may be able to ask the animal directly what is causing the problem.

Some pet psychics claim to be able to contact the spirits of deceased pets, offering human companions solace and the chance to say goodbye, in much the same way as mediums enable you to contact human relatives who have passed away.


Communicate with your pet

Try opening up your own psychic communication with your pet

1) Choose a moment when both you and your pet are relaxed. Sit next to the animal and lay your hand gently on its shoulders. Or visualise the animal if it is not present.

2) Say its name, softly, out loud. Then say its name in your mind.

3) Lift your hand up so it is over the animal but not touching it. Do this over a photo or in your mind if the animal is not present.

4) Imagine energy flowing from your hand into the animal and from the animal into your hand. Feel the flow of energy for a few moments.

5) Visualise a simple, happy image, such as you stroking your pet. Then visualise the problem behaviour, such as furniture scratching or growling.

6) Pet psychics say they often get responses from the animal in the form of pictures - so keep your mind open and responsive to any images that pop into your head.

Heal your Pet

7) While your pet is in a relaxed state and you are tuned into its energy, it is a good time to try some healing on your animal. Slowly move your hand over the animal's body, remaining aware of the energy flow between you. The energy should feel warm. Cold spots are a symptom of where healing is needed. If you find a cold spot, allow your hand to hover over this point and concentrate on sending healing energy to this spot. Imagine pink light flowing from your hand into the animal's body. Visualise this energy as warming and healing your pet.


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