Tarot and Astrology

Tarot card and astrology work together well to reveal deep, insightful information about us and our lives

Tarot Reading and Astrology are powerful divination tools

Astrology has been seen as an important and useful tool of divination for many years, and astrologers believe that the date of your birth and the position of the planets at that time reveal very important information about you and your life. The Tarot is another important divination tool, and when the two are combined, they can give deep insights into our lives and provide advice on the challenges we face, be it day to day situations, or the bigger, important issues we deal with.

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Each sign of the zodiac is associated with both a suit of the Minor Arcana, and a character from the Major Arcana. These cards can represent the characteristics of people born under that sign. Here, we look at each zodiac sign and the Tarot card they are associated with, and what they represent for those who belong to them.

Fire Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are the three signs associated with the powerful, passionate element of fire. Although they have their differences, those born under these three signs are also very similar; they have strong, fiery personalities, and they are extremely driven and determined to succeed. They are very outgoing and make good leaders, but they also tend to act first and think second, often making reckless decisions.

The fire signs are associated with the Suit of Wands of the Minor Arcana. This suit is associated with hard work and creativity, and all of the cards centre around the drive to succeed by working hard, something the fire signs are used to. Some of the keywords associated with the Suit of Wands include defiant, energetic,swift, resilient; all of these are traits of those born under the element of fire.

Aries - Aries is associated with The Emperor of the Major Arcana. The Emperor is an authoritative and powerful figure from whom people seek guidance and wisdom. Those born under Aries make excellent leaders, and are always there to offer a helping hand to those who need it. An Aries is a fiercely loyal friend, and will stand by you no matter what.

Leo - The Major Arcana card associated with Leo is Strength. This card represents both the physical and mental strength of those born under the sign. Leo’s sign is the mighty lion, and those born under the influence have the courage of the king of the animal kingdom, and deal with the difficulties they face with courage and honour. Leo’s stand up and fight for what is fair.

Sagittarius - This sign’s Major Arcana card is Temperance, which represents peace and harmony. Those born under the influence of Sagittarius are more reserved and less abrupt than the other fire signs; though they deal with their troubles more quietly and with more self control, they are just as strong and sure.

Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are the water signs of the zodiac. All three signs have strong emotional connections, and those born under their influence are known to be sensitive and intuitive, especially when in their relationships. Their emotions have an impact on everything in their lives, and though they are shy to begin, once they get to know you, they make the kindest and warmest of friends. Water signs are often creative, and make excellent writers, poets and musicians.

The water signs are associated with the Suit of Cups, the major theme of which is love. All of the cards in this Minor Arcana suit revolve around relationships, and include keywords such pleasure, commitment, content, and love.

Cancer - Cancer is associated with The Chariot of the Major Arcana. Those born under the influence of Cancer are extremely intuitive and though they can appear vulnerable, are actually incredibly strong. The Chariot is a representation of Cancer’s ability to achieve great success by overcoming seemingly impossible odds.

Pisces - Pisces governs The Moon, a card which warns that not everything as it appears. Pisceans are known to have constant mood swings, and are usually adventurous and impulsive. No matter where they are and what they’re doing however, they are very loyal and devoted to their friends.

Scorpio - Scorpio rules the Death card. Contrary to belief, the Death card is not a bad one; it revolves around transformation and new starts, and shows that although change may be difficult at first, it is usually for the best. Scorpios are thirsty for knowledge and are prone to taking risks, which they believe teach them powerful lessons.

Air Signs

Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the three signs associated with the element of air, and those born under them are ruled by their head, dealing with things logically. They are big thinkers and prefer to deal with the challenges they face methodically, analyzing their different options and coming to an informed decision.

The air signs are attached to the Suit of Swords. The cards in this suit all revolve around mental activity, and the themes can be considered rather harsh. The keywords associated with this suit include force, balance, cruelty, eloquent, confident, and rational.

Gemini - Gemini is associated with The Lovers, a Major Arcana card that is about choice. The sign of Gemini is the twins, and those born under the sign often find themselves having to choose between their heart and their head. The Lovers encourages Geminis to consider their options carefully, but to ensure that their heart’s desire wins.

Libra - Justice is the Major Arcana card ruled by Libra, the card represented by the balancing scales. Libras are determined to fight for what is right, and Justice encourages them to put aside their emotions and personal desires to make sure they are making a fair choice. Unsurprisingly, Libras have successful careers in law.

Aquarius - Aquarius rules the Star, which represents the optimistic outlook of those born under it. People born under Aquarius are confident in their abilities, and know that they can do whatever they set their mind to. The Star represents the idea that hard work pays off, and if you work hard enough, your wishes will be fulfilled. Aquarians are outgoing and confident, sociable and good at communication.

Earth Signs

The three signs associated with the element of Earth are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Those born under these signs are down to earth, strong, and practical, hard working and good at manual labour. They can be carefree at times, but are usually more serious in nature. They are dependable and can be relied on to get the job done.

These three signs rule the Suit of Pentacles, which centres around productivity, prosperity, and land. Keywords of these cards include foundation, skill, wealth, and learning.

Taurus - Taureans are typically patient people, dedicated to whatever they set their mind to and completing it slowly but surely. The card associated with this sign is the Hierophant, which represents wisdom and the ability to quickly forgive. The Hierophant is a wise and capable advisor, and those born under Taurus typically make successful teachers or accountants.

Virgo - Virgo rules The Hermit, which represents the signs shyness and common need to take time to reflect on life. Although they may be shy, Virgos actually make good communicators when they speak up, however they often prefer to work on their own, as they get things done at their own pace.

Capricorn - Capricorns are confident and self assures, often holding positions of power and authority. Sometimes however they can lack confidence, which gets in the way of their success. The Devil is ruled by Capricorn, and this card encourages those born under the sign to look within themselves to see what is keeping them from believing in themselves.


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