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The Different Types Of Love

There are many different types of love that make the world go round. The feeling of being in love is a special experience, but other forms of love are equally distinctive and exceptional. ...

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5 Steps To Enjoying The Best Valentine's Day Ever

Whether you're already happily loved up, content being single, or searching for your true love, 14 February is the one day in the year when love becomes the primary focus. ...

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11 Signs of a Sociopath

Nothing if not attentive, a sociopath will make you feel as if you're the only person who matters to them. You'll be the centre of their universe - at least for awhile. They might phone you, or Facebook you constantly. ...

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Break Your Psychic Ties!

Still infatuated with your ex? Or perhaps you still feel angry with a friend years after they wronged you? It's time to cut those psychic cords! ...

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10 Ways to have a Great First Date

First dates are the first step on your journey to lasting love. But all too often they end in disappointment, embarrassment or hurt feelings. Take a new approach to meeting your future soul mate by adding a touch of spiritual thinking. ...

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5 Signs That Prove You're In A Great Relationship

If you’ve navigated your way through the dating scene, and you think you’ve met your perfect match, there are a number of signs that prove your relationship is the real deal. ...

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10 Gut Instincts To Never Ignore

Ever get a fluttering in your stomach when you're nervous? Or have you had a sinking feeling in your gut when you know things have gone wrong? Here are the top ten instances when you should never ignore your gut feeling. ...

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10 Ways to recognise your Soulmate

Is your romance running along smoothly? Or have you encountered a couple of bumpy moments? Either way, you're probably hoping that this relationship will be the one to last. ...

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What is Love?

No matter what problems you experience in your life there is one solution that resolves everything. Love is powerful and all encompassing, and can help to heal all hurts. ...

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10 Signs of a Strong Man

Thankfully, the idea that boys don't cry is fast becoming consigned to history. Because strong men are comfortable showing emotion, and, yes, sometimes they cry! ...

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Save Your Relationship!

Is constant bickering ruining your relationship? Or do you give each other the silent treatment, allowing resentment to fester? Both these types of conflict will ruin your relationship! ...

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10 Ways to Survive an Affair

When a romantic relationship hits the rocks it can feel like the end of your world. Because love can bring the best of times into your life, but it can also bring the worst. ...

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