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January Blues? Your Spirit Guides Are Waiting

January Blues? Your Spirit Guides Are Waiting

They can manifest as that little voice in the back of your head, appear in your dreams, or just be represented by a strong gut feeling, but when your spirit guide is speaking to you, you’ll know! ...

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Common Psychic Terminology Explained!

Struggling to understand some of the words and terminology used by Psyhics? We exaplain the meaning of commonly used psychic medium terminology. ...

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Signs From Our Spirit Guides

A look at how our spirit guides give us signs, and how we can contact them to get the answers we are looking for. ...

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Why Ghosts Aren't Spooky!

Most spirits aren't spooky spectres trying to make you shudder with fright. The majority of reported spirit contact is with departed loved ones who are seeking to comfort the living. Consulting a medium is the best way to understand your spirit message. ...

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Find Your Power Animal

According to Shamanic tradition, everyone has a power animal. A protector and guide, this animal symbolises your character strengths and points to the qualities you need to develop. ...

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Have you seen a ghost?

What does it mean when we see a ghost? Some interesting information about the unknown. ...

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How to hear your angels

Hearing the voices of your angels and noticing the signs ...

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Who are the Archangels?

Some interesting information on the Archangels to help guide you in times of need ...

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What are Orbs?

Some interesting information about Spirit Orbs ...

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