Spiritual protection and light

Information on how to protect yourself spiritually

We should all engage in some form of spiritual protection if we can. Many of us go about our day to day lives without thinking about this but small things can make a vast difference. Negativity can block our auras when we let unwanted emotions filter through our system so asking for protection everyday is a great way to start and should make a difference to the way you think and feel. For example leaving the house on an argument could attract more of the same thing in throughout the day, even if you feel angry or upset it is a good idea to find a quiet space before leaving the home to allow yourself to let go of negative feelings and seal yourself up!

You can also ask for protection over your home, family and animals with some simple visualisations. Even if you are worried about travelling somewhere you can ask for protection over your car or protection over the vehicle you will be travelling in. You don’t even need to use complicated words!
Simply start at night time, just before you go to bed and again in the morning. This should be done everyday to reinforce the energy so that it makes it stronger each time.

Sit still and imagine a beautiful egg shaped golden light surrounding you and then speak to your guides or ask the gods/goddesses to help you. Ask your guides to surround you and keep focussing on that bright light, keep building it up until it feels so strong nothing could possibly break in or destroy you in anyway. You don’t have to use any words but if you wish you can ask: “Dear guides/ gods/goddess or Archangels please shield me from all negativity, please keep me safe from harm and stay by my side should trying times arise”.

You can also repeat this sequence for your loved ones or your animals. Or, if you worry about your environment when you leave the house, simply do the same thing by imagining a beautiful light that surrounds your possessions. This way you will know everything that you love and value will always be protected. Remember this is a positive vibration that touches many people without them even realising. Think of positive vibes as being contagious! The more vibes you give out, the more will come back at you.

Some other things to try:

Salt and Water

If you have had an argument with someone and feel there is a negative energy lurking there is nothing like the good old fashioned salt trick. Salt is a natural cleanser and is great for ridding black energy. Simply add some salt into a bowl with some water, then whichever room you have had the argument in leave it there over night, or for however long you feel the need to. Sea salt is highly recommended as a cleansing ritual. You can also add sea salt into your bath to let go of negative vibes, then as you pull the plug watch all the negative energy spin down the drain hole!

Keep black tourmaline close to you

Black Tourmaline is a superb crystal for releasing negative energy and is very protective. It is one of the most positive and strongest crystals bringing luck and positivity into your life. It connects with the earth star chakra and base chakra. It is used for metaphysical and spiritual purposes so it is perfect. Keep it in your pocket throughout the day for extra protection.


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