Sun in Scorpio

What to expect for the Month ahead

Ever had a run in with a Scorpio? Not a nice experience huh? That sting in the tail leaves you with a nasty aftertaste.
Scorpios are hard work! There is no doubting that. But they are also the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac. They honestly mean well! It’s just there is always something else going on in Scorpios mind and they are very intense, dark and brooding, not to mention uncompromising!
The problem with Scorpio (in particular the male) is that they fear losing control of their emotions therefore they will do anything to keep control.

For this reason, they can indeed appear selfish and a wee bit icy but it is a protective barrier they feel they must put up to avoid getting hurt. However, once you have won the heart of a Scorpio they will illustrate true loyalty and compassion. You’ll learn their darkest secrets and you can tell them yours and they will never judge. One of the sexiest traits of Scorpio is their divine magnetism -the energy is hypnotic and mysterious and you can’t help but wonder why they have left a mark on you. Their eyes are usually piercing and it’s almost as if they can somehow see straight through you. You’ll feel naked yet intrigued.

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and in astrology Pluto rules the eight house of money and the planet is associated with sex, death and transformation so it’s no wonder Scorpios are so deep and meaningful. The test for Scorpio is to survive their emotions. They are vastly sensitive and don’t always like the things they feel so they hide what they feel instead.

The problem is, Pluto likes to disrupt and it can only keep something down for so long before it reacts like a volcanic explosion and this is exactly what Scorpios tend to do! Erupt! It can sometimes be like having a good clear out but once the explosion has taken place you may find a bit of gold dust you never knew existed before. You are then able to gain a deeper perspective and appreciate things in a different light and perhaps even create something out of it. Because Scorpio is associated with all sorts of transformations sex is very important to them and they like to express their true feelings through sex. You can’t beat the passion of a Scorpio and when they say they are sorry or that they love you they truly mean it.

“Pluto, ruler of Scorpio can transmute the blackest of experiences to release a potent creative force. All that has decayed becomes a fertile compost for new growth. It tempers the gold within the soul”

It can indeed be hard getting to know a Scorpio but they are usually very gifted and also very tuned into psychic matters. They love all taboo subjects and have an interest in the afterlife and anything dark – they are never afraid to go right to the depths!.

It’s no wonder that the clocks go back and the days darken during Scorpio season. We also have Halloween where witches and creepy crawlies emerge from out of nowhere, and then there is the intense explosion of fireworks night – all so typically Scorpio.

You may see Scorpio as a rather dark and gloomy energy but remember that sometimes to get to the light we must travel through the darkness first. That way we appreciate the light so much more! Many famous Scorpios have bought light to peoples’ souls:

Jonathan Ross through his humour
Katy Perry through her magnetic sexy style and music
Pablo Picasso through his paintings
Julia Roberts through her acting
David Schwhimmer – the humorous actor and star of the sitcom Friends who is also a director

What is going on for Scorpios in November?

Look out for money mix ups - this includes payments, statements the whole lot! Mercury our dear planet of communication is turning retrograde on 23rd Also, Mars advances into Virgo on the 10th to get the holiday season going so socialising is good and a great chance to meet new people, possibly around work situations. Lucky days are 16th and 23rd –Great for social commitments!
In terms of relationships 10th November looks good when we reach our Full Moon in Taurus. If you are in a serious relationship then engagement could be possible or if you are just going into a relationship then it could look good for something long term. This is a harmonious Full Moon so enjoy its full powers!
On 25th November there is a New Moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius and has potential to raise a bonus but remember Mercury is still retrograde so there could be delays and take time when signing contracts! Retrograde periods are always good for reflections so use the time wisely and don’t panic if things seem to be going slightly slower than usual

Have a happy November!

With love & light

Scorpio period: 22nd October – 23rd November
Colour – Maroon
Planets – Mars/Pluto
Sign – Fixed/negative


Pluto quote – The Astrology Bible
The SunSign Book - Llewellyn’s 2011


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