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Most of us know that each star sign has a special gem stone that relates to their personal characteristics. We all have very specific strengths and weaknesses and your personal gem stone will concentrate on both. Sometimes carrying your gemstone or (birthstone) around with you can have a profound affect on the way you feel and act.

Zodiac gem stones are also known as “Astral Stones”. Ancient astrologers were said to have turned to the heavens for answers as to why certain gem stones held such magical powers. They strongly believed that the influence of your astrology sign over your fortune in life is strengthened by simply holding a stone or wearing a piece of jewellery that resembles your birth traits.

Because gemstones are natural and form part of the earth the energy that they carry is said to bring harmony to your soul, just by holding a stone in your hand you may begin to feel more peaceful or at ease. This is why it is a good idea to go and test stones out as you may well find that the stone you are attracted to represents your rising sign rather than your Sun sign or it could even be you draw a stone that connects more with your Moon sign. Most crystal stores and organisations have help and advice available for you so that you can choose the right stone.

Many people prefer to pick one they feel drawn to rather than researching which one is best – the stone you pick will always speak about your personality or if not, could express the type of energy that you need to connect with, for example Sunstone is said to be good for Leos but on the whole it is a positive stone which brings light and clarity and also works with the solar plexus chakra, therefore if you are drawn to a particular stone that says nothing about your astrological sign then it could be an indication that you need to put a specific energy back into your soul.

Here is a small breakdown of the stones that match the zodiac signs but remember that you can attract any stone according to your mood and feeling at the time.

Aries – Diamond

This is an extremely popular stone and is said to bring clarity and also has great healing properties. It is said to increase harmony in relationships and also works on the inner strength. Diamond is said to make dreams come true!

Taurus – Emerald

Emerald mainly connects with love and artistry. Emerald can help to ease a troubled mind and is said to bring wisdom to the person that wears it. The powers are said to be particularly strong in the Spring.

Gemini – Agate

Agate is a nice calming stone and attracts strength and protection and can be a great release for nervous, uptight Gemini. You can also use Agate when you feel sad from an overdriven mind. The stone is a sort of bluish brown colour and can also assist you with sleep and offer you inspiration and creative insight.

Cancer – Ruby

Ruby is a symbol of friendship and hard work and is considered one of the most powerful gems in the universe and can be associated with many astral signs but this one seems to fit Capricorn. It is also considered a great stone for love and peace. The colour of rubies varies from vermilion to red. Many people also like to wear Ruby symbolises everlasting love and relationships as it is such a strong stone.

Leo – Peridot

Peridot reflects the Sun if you look closely at the stone – just like Leo – its powers are very protective and attracts love but also calms anger, if you are a fiery Leo then this stone can bring many blessings indeed as it also helps to dispel negative emotions and can also connect with the performing arts.

Virgo – Blue Sapphire

Blue Sapphire is a rare beauty and helps to promote a positive attitude towards life. It is often associated with healing and health which many Virgos feel connected to. Virgos quite often go into healing professions themselves so this stone can work wonders for them – it also promotes self esteem.

Libra – Opal

The name opal apparently derived from Sanskrit "upala", meaning "valuable stone". The stone is a beauty and glimmers from all directions. It often looks like the shining Moon and holds a spectrum of unique colours. Most people feel special when they hold this stone in their hands, it is full of beauty, just like the Libra. This glittery, magical stone is said to bring happy dreams, and also to ease the process of change – it can also be a great wishing stone.

Scorpio – Topaz

Topaz soothes, heals, recharges, re-motivates and also promotes forgiveness and eases tension – perfect for Scorpio who feels everything so intensely. It is also known as the stone of love and good fortune and helps to release any bad vibes. This stone is often blue or yellow in colour.

Sagittarius – Blue Turquoise stone

This is the perfect stone for balancing and aligning chakras. Seeing as Sagittarius is active and restless this stone is perfect! It also promotes self – realisation, again perfect for Sagi who loves to see the bigger picture in life. It is also a stone that attracts good friendship and romance.

Capricorn – Garnet

Garnet can be found in a variety of different colours but is often dark red. This is the perfect stone for order – very much like the Capricorn. It often brings hope in times of despair and attracts loyalty. This is also a super stone to carry when needing reassurance as the stone is also associated with joy and success.

Aquarius – Amethyst

Amethyst is a very popular stone and is beautiful. It is a violet/purple and speaks about the Third Eye Charka. This is a fantastic stone for any purpose and always puts something back into your soul filling you with light and harmony – perfect for inventive Aquarius! Many people have Amethyst around their homes to create good vibrations. The stone carries much wisdom - ancient Egyptians used the amethyst guard against guilty and fearful feelings.

Pisces – Aquamarine

Aquamarine is said to improve ones sense of well-being. It is a comforting stone but also reminds us that we can love our neighbour as they do us. This is an extremely spiritual stone and may help dreamy Pisces put things into perspective. It can also aid change in a soothing sense, making things feel a less overwhelming. On the whole this stone connects best with your inner, spiritual self.

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